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Bandish Last Episodes Review: Good finally overcomes evil

Sumbul eventually meets her disastarious end


Bandish the drama serial which revolved around the evil of black magic practices has finally come to its end and the best thing about it was the fact that the play ended on a positive note and on hope. No matter for how long darkness prevails, evil will be overcome by good. All of Madeeha’s problems came to an end with her finally finding happiness and solace with her family.

As we saw seen in the previous episodes that Junaid was paralyzed while he wanted to talk to the police. Sumbul, with her diety Antosh, possess Abhiyan’s mind, making him take Sania to Sumbul, asking her to perform a dark task for her.  Sania is reluctant but Abhiyaan insists. All the while she has the inkling in the mind that she has been in that place and that she has seen Sumbul before but she cannot actually connect the dots.

Sumbul does such a powerful magic that she hypnotizes the whole hospital staff and  takes away her sister out of the hospital at her den so that she can make her sacrifice in order to carry her Black magic practice. She is focused on a very crucial task and if she fails to perform this task all her magic can go against her, she has been warned by her deity Antosh. Sumbul is confident that she will successfully perform her task on time.


Well it is shown through the play that evil is not bigger and mightier than good. Allah and his divine power is superior than all filthy devilish powers so black magic no matter how powerful it is can be overcome by Allah’s words and no magic can work against the Will of Allah. Madeeha gets divine help from Murshid Sahab, he gives her a wazeefa to perform which counter fires with Sumbul’s black magic. Sania on the Mazar’s stairs realizes that Sumbul is the same witch who had imprisoned her and she was the one who was after her family and now she wants her to perform the sin! But then Sania sees Abhiyaan saying things in a diffent strange voice and she realizes that some power has possessed Abhiyaan’s body.


When Sumbuls tries fail, she turns into a fire and vanishes.Things are getting well at Madeeha’s end, Junaid miraculously gets well and has been discharged. Madeeha accepts Sandal and asks Junaid to accept her too as she has no one in this world. Hamza’s mother asks Hania’s hand for Hamza and Sania is happy with Abhiyaan. The play ends on a note of hope that no matter how strong and powerful these black magic powers are they cannot beat the divine powers so we should always seek help and protect from divine sources and from Allah’s words.

The last episode brought about some good performances from the lead cast. Farah Shah as Sumbul was exceptional and the star of Bandish. The woman definitely outdid all her other performances as Sumbul in Bandish.

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