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Belapur Ki Dayan Episode 10 Review: We Now Have Two Versions Of The Same History!

Who is to be believed, Aziz or Rehmat?

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Belapur Ki Dayan has been keeping us engrossed in its amazing story since day one. Inam Hasan has given us a winner with this story that keeps you on the edge of your seats throughout the entire duration. And this week’s episode topped the mystery quotient for us.

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We now have two versions of history, one by Aziz and the other by Rehmat. Turns out Rehmat and Aziz are step brothers but the way Aziz has been narrating the past as compared to Rehmat, makes you judge this character for being a bit shady. We all know Aziz has been hiding something from his family and that Neelo is bloodthirsty, looking forward to destroying his family. We really need to know what happened in the past, how was the entire family killed? Who is speaking the truth? Is Aziz really vindictive as Rehmat puts it or is Rehamt trying to mislead Rameez and Ghainda.


The episode belonged to Irfan Khoosat and Shakeel Yousuf without a doubt. Although we missed seeing Amar and Sarah and their demonic interchanges but the two veteran actors nailed their roles just perfectly. We have to give it to Saife Hassan for extracting such stupendous performances from each and everyone. Having veteran actors on board is only a plus point for this amazing director who has a special knack for detailing. The past doesn’t need to come to you in black and white, Saife Hassan’s direction ensures his set, the attire of his actors and even the atmosphere he creates for a particular scene vibrates with the message the scene tries to convey.


So yes, here we are, looking forward to our favorite play. We need answers and we need them fast. Why is Neelofar so angry? She has listened to her mother in the past but now, she has already killed two people. Will there be more? What will Neelofar do now? Aziz and Neelo will finally have a confrontation in the upcoming episode or will we have to wait? All this and more continues next Thursday, only on Hum TV, 8pm.


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