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Belapur ki Dayan Episode 4 Review: Mystery waits to be unraveled!

The drama is one of the best horror serials to come out in Pakistan!

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Belapur Ki  Dayan went on air last night and as the play proceeds, it is becoming scarier than ever. In fact, the fourth episode gave us some good goosebumps too. Even though we missed Tasha in this episode, we were enthralled by whatever took place with Alia and Rameez.

The episode begins when Tasha’s father reports  Rehmat Chacha to the police. He is called for investigation at the station and this is where we discover he does not really have good motives. Tasha is hospitalized and  her mother is attending her, so Alia is home alone tending to everything.

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Rameez tells Alia that he is very busy at office so he  cannot pick the kids from school so he requests her to pick the kids from school. Alia does that but she is confused because when Rameeza comes home right after and upon Alia’s enquiry, he tells her he never called her in the first place. Alia is confused but she again she puts things aside, getting busy with house chores.

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The following scene scared us out of our wits. Rameez takes kids to the park and Alia is waiting for their return. However, the family is stunned beyond belief when Rameez comes home with his briefcase and inquires about the kids. It is Alia who screams out of surprise that Rameez had taken kids to the park. He rushes to find them and rather than the park, Alia finds them sound asleep in their room. Rameez returns home tired and exhausted and upon Alia’s telling that the kids are asleep in their room, he gets furious and yells about Alia going mad. Rameez leaves, just to avoid Alia.

Creepy things keep happening when Rameez leaves and Alia hears a knock on the door. She believes it to not be Rameez and therefore calls him. The knocking gets impatient, calling out Alia’s name in Rameez’s voice. Its not Rameez and Alia is scared.

Again when Alia is in the kitchen, she tries to scratch Rameez’s arm and he is hurt. At the same timeA ziz Sahab hears a cry from an abandoned room where he goes and see a photograph of the same girl we have been seeing in Tasha’s room. He gets into a flashback and then he sees fresh blood stains on the roof of the room. There is also a strange person at Rameez’s office who tries to read his scratch and tells Rameez that it carries some sort of a message. The episode ends when Alia is trying to cut her own arm and Rameez stops her. She seems completely possessed like Tasha.


On television, where horror usually becomes comic, Belapur Ki Dayan has managed to not only scare but also create an intrigue about the drama. The scenes are perfect, background score amazing, rising the horror element with every passing second. Saife Hassan has truly managed to extract powerful performances from his cast, ensuring the element of horror and terror remains intact in the drama, while the story arises intrigue. We’re scared from one scene to another. Amar Khan in her presence as the dayan, gives you the chills. We’re waiting for the story to unfold ASAP.


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