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Belapur Ki Dayan Episode 5 Review: Bone Chilling!

We have seen horror serials which actually made a mockery out of the horror element with over the top special effects and a story that didn’t intrigue at all. However, Belapur Ki Dayan is something different. If there was an A class for horror drama for Pakistani channels, Belapur Ki Dayan would take the top spot. Not only does the drama has a gripping storyline, its interesting and well executed.

The drama has boiled down to a point where the family is suffering because of the spirits in the house. Who are they and what do they want? It seems the spirits have something to do with Tasha’s father’s past. We have a hunch, something terrible might have happened and the other worldly creatures are now after his family to take revenge.

Tasha is already hospitalized and now Aliya is being treated as well. On the other hand Rameez has lost his job because of poor performance. There’s a visitor at his office who tells him its not Rameez who lacks performance but he’s under some evil influence that’s wrecking havoc in his life.

Aliya is reluctant to let her children play with Tasha once she’s back. She is also adamant that the house is the cause of all their sufferings but her father in law is strict and he insists on the house being their’s and that nothing is wrong with it. The scenes where Tasha was seen interacting with the spirit and applying red lipstick on her crumpled face is one of the best.

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Without a doubt, its Sarah Khan and Amar Khan (even though her scenes are limited to being the spirit) are the highlight of the show. The girls, together, possessed, give us the chills. Natural acting when it comes to sequences of being possessed or the possessor can at times be tough, however, both Sarah Khan and Amar Khan have nailed their respective scenes, keeping the element of horror, very much alive in the entire drama.

Saife Hassan’s direction is right on point. For a director to ensure, a horror drama is well executed, is a tough task, but Belapur Ki Dayan seems to stay afloat with ease and that is due to the director’s expertise. The music, the story and the special effects are well suited to the entire theme and used expertly at points to double the horror element of the drama. Saife Hassan has extracted some amazing performances from the cast, right down to the child actor playing Wajdaan. You get scared looking at the kid’s innocent eyes, frightened of his aunt.

The next episode will definitely give you the chills because the promo show Tasha’s possession by the spirit taken to the next level. She is hanging Wajdaan by the fan and laughing at it. How will the family react now? What will happen next? We’re also waiting for Adnan Siddiqui’s character to make an appearance and reveal to us what exactly happened. Until then, stay tuned to Belapur Ki Dayan, because this is a serial that will surely haunt you.


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