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Belapur Ki Dayan Episode 6 Review: The mystery unravels!

Another exciting yet scary episode of Belapur ki Dayan aired last night. Brilliant direction by Saif e Hassan and remarkable performances by Sarah Khan and Amar Khan had us hooked to the drama throughout its entire duration. The story is well knitted by Inam Hasan not for a single moment you find it dragged nor the play seems like any of the cliched horror shows.

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Gainda discovers Tasha talking to someone but there is nobody around. Tasha’s father is worried about his daughter too, but does nothing. Gainda warns Rameez about Wajdaan’s life being in danger. While Rameez is still on call, they hear Wajdaan shouting, pleading for help. The family runs towards the sound, it is coming from Tasha’s room. The room is locked. Rameez breaks it with a force and discovers Wajdaan suspended from the fan.

Tasha seems completely possessed as she holds Wajdaan high up in the air. The boy cries for help and the family tries to free him from Tasha’s grip but she isn’t ready to listen. Aliya hurls a stick towards Tasha but it does no damage. She takes Wajdaan to the roof top and waits to throw him down. This is where another spirit makes an entrance. This is Tasha’s father’s own mother who pleads with Neelofar, the spirit possessing Tasha, to leave the child alone.

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Aliya calls Gainda for help and this is where the real story is revealed. It seems, Tasha’s father (Aziz) was in love with a woman, Shahana, but had troubles marrying her. Neelofar (Amar Khan) happened to be his half sister. Shahana’s father wanted Neelofar’s hand for his son in return to Shahana’s marriage to Aziz. But since they lived with his Taya jan, his step father, Aziz, could not convince his strict Taya Jan to let go of his daughter, who happened to be the sole heir of his wealth.

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Aziz hated his half sister and called her a dayan. She has now return to haunt him and his family forever because they shifted in her house and since it seems Neelofar never got to marry or have what she wanted, she’ll take away everything from Aziz as well.

In a brief meeting, where Neelofar as the dayan appears in front of Aziz, she asks him to make a choice. Whether he wants the house or his daughter Tasha. He says he’s made his choice but there is no Neelofar when he opens his eyes.

In the last few scenes between Neelofar and Aziz, Amar Khan took the crown for being the scary dayan. Her demeanor, her dialogue delivery and her attitude was on point. The woman scares you even though she appears nothing like a dayan she’s portraying. Amar Khan, is a powerful actress, and with her stint in Belapur Ki Dayan, we’re sure she’s here to stay. Hats off to Saife Hassan for his direction and a special mention for Sarah Khan, because where Amar nails being the dayan, Sarah scores full points for portraying the possessed Tasha.


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