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Belapur Ki Dayan Episode 8 Review: The horror continues to grow!

Neelofar has become bloodthirsty!

Bela Pur Ki Dayan

Belapur Ki Dayan continues to shatter all records with its exceptional execution and an amazing script by Inam Hasan. Saife Hassan has directed Belapur Ki Dayan impeccably and his actors have done complete justice to the characters handed over to them.

Belapur Ki Dayan Episode7 Review: Neelofar has an unfulfilled purpose!

This episode begins from where we left off last week. The laborer who was hired to built a wall is busy in his work, the door of the mysterious rooms opens and he hears something like the tinkling of bangles. He hears it over and over again so it intrigues him , he asks “Kaun Hai” and repeats it a number of times. He becomes so curious that he enters to that mysterious room and keeps repeating his question until Neelofar confronts him and then strangles him to death.

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The police cannot find the cause of death of the laborer and it seems they have been bribed by Aziz Sahab. However, once the police whisk away the dead body of the poor laborer, Tasha is seen smiling in the coldest of ways one can imagine. Sarah Khan, in that one particular scene is super amazing. The look on her face gives you the chills and you’re drawn more into this engaging drama.

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Aliya visits Gainda again and tells him about the accident. He confirms her that Tasha is possessed and most probably she is done so with her consent as well.  Aliya goes to Tasha ‘s room and tries to wake her up but instead of Tasha Neelofar wake and scares the hell out of Aliya.

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Rameez sees Tasha talking to someone in the middle of the night. It makes Rameez suspicious and he starts searching about paranormal activities on net. Meanwhile he feels he is being strangled by Aliya, but she’s sound asleep and wakes up only to find marks on Rameez’s neck.  Rameez tells his father that Rehmaat chacha met him he is not happy to know this.

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It seems Tasha/Neelofar are now after the kids in the family. After torturing Wajdaan, Tasha tries to possess Mannat as well and it seems she’s the next one in the line.

Each and every scene has been executed with near perfection in Belapur Ki Dayan. You not only get the chills from looking at the scenes but you expect the story to unwind fast because you cannot keep your eyes off the screen. Sarah Khan, Amar Khan, the child actors, the actor playing Ghainda, Osama Tahir as Rameez and Rayyan as Aliya, each one of them is just amazing in their characters and super convincing. Belapur Ki Dayan continues to be on our must watch list week after week, and we’re sure this craze isn’t going away anytime soon.


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