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Berukhi Episode-17 Review: Agha Jaan is persistent to ask Sabeen’s hand once again!

This episode has not had much to tell, the story has not moved much.

Berukhi Episode-17 ReviewBerukhi Episode-17 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Berukhi the ARY Digital drama serial is 17 episodes down, this episode is quite dragged not much happened in this episode. In the previous episode, we have seen that Sabeen’s life is in danger as Kamaran is planning to take his revenge. In this episode not much happened Agha Jaan is persistent to ask for Sabeen’s hand once again!

Mansoor is talking with Mahira who thinks that she is being insulted by Irtiza’s family by asking Sabeen’s hand instead of her? Mansoor tries to calm her down by telling her that it is not the case and their proposal thing is not public so no one knows. He says that he agrees with Sabeen because of what Kamran has done with her. He further says that after Sabeen’s refusal if anyone from Irtiza’s family themselves asks for her hand he will not going to refuse.

We have not seen any scene of Kamran in this episode. This episode has not had much to tell, the story has not moved much. We are expecting that Kamran going to take his revenge in this episode and something terrible going to happen with Sabeen as we have seen in the teasers last week but nothing much happens in this episode in fact there are very few scenes of Sabeen.

Irtiza Aali Baig is being embarrassed about his behavior with Agha Jaan and later with Qasim Agha too. Irtiza agrees on marrying Sabeen but he is afraid that Sabeen might not be going to agree. Agha Jaan is persistent that they will go again to ask for Sabeen’s hand till she and her family will agree eventually on this proposal. Iyya Jaan is not happy with this, she cannot see Irtiza happily settled in his life but Iyya Jaan is behaving as if she is extremely happy with this proposal.

Agha Jaan knows Iyya Jaan’s nature he knows that she is not happy but for him, Irtiza’s happiness means a lot as Irtiza is his real son but she has lied to Iyya Jaan that he is his nephew still Iyya Jaan hates Irtiza to bits. Maira on the other hand is getting jealous, her dream of marrying Irtiza Aali Baig is shattered. She is after Sabeen and she has literally asked her Mammu to shoot Sabeen. In the previous episode, we have seen Kamran showing Sabeen’s picture to his hitman telling him to kill her. So one thing is clear Sabeen’s life is in danger!

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