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Berukhi Episode-20 Review: Sabeen and Irtiza are finally engaged!

Maira is silently watching all this, but fire of envy is burning in her.

Berukhi Episode-20 ReviewBerukhi Episode-20 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Berukhi the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is an interesting story and it’s getting intense. Performances by the lead cast are spot on. In the previous episode, we have seen that Sabeen’s condition gets out of danger. In this episode, Agha Jaan once again asks for Sabeen’s hand and this time this proposal gets approved! Irtiza and Sabeen are engaged!

Sabeen gets well, she is discharged from the hospital. Maira is playing her cards well she is behaving as if she is very embarrassed over her past behavior with Sabeen and her mother. She is trying to be very nice and sweet with her well we have not figured out what is Maira’s motive behind being so nice but something is certainly cooking in her head.

Irtiza is being too anxious, he is fearing that Sabeen might reject his proposal. Well, Irtiza’s anxiety is making sense but what about Qasim Shah’s anxiety that he at night goes straight to Sabeen’s house to meet her but instead he meets Sana. Strangely Sana is taking his name so frankly and then we see that typical falling and saving scene where Sana is about to fall but Qasim saves her and later he is thinking about Sana. Qasim does not know that Sana is engaged to Nabeel.

Then that annoying Nyla the house help who has started dreaming of a possibility that she and Irtiza will get married. Well, that girl fancies too much as she is not being realistic. If Iyya Jaan encourages her then too how come she dreams of marrying Irtiza, she is merely a house help. Agha Jaan will never let this happen and she should have this idea. This whole track of Nyla seems so idiotic in this plot and so is Qasim Agha and Sana’s expected relationship.

Irtiza meets Sabeen at the hospital and it seems that Sabeen is too heads and heels in love with Irtiza. The next thing that happens is that Agha Jaan once again orders Iyya Jaan to go and ask for Sabeen’s hand. Despite Iyya Jaan’s objections, they go to Sabeen’s place and surprisingly Sabeen too agrees on this proposal. Iyya Jaan slides the ring on Sabeen’s finger. Irtiza and Sabeen get engaged! Maira is silently watching all this, fire of envy is burning in her. She will not keep quiet for long she continues to behave very nice and sweet one wonders how she will going to hurt her this time.

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