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Berukhi Episode-21 Review: Iyya Jaan is creating hurdles in Sabeen and Irtiza ‘s relationship

Sabeen is envied by too many people

Berukhi Episode-21 ReviewBerukhi Episode-21 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Berukhi the drama serial airing at Ary Digital has turned out to be quite tedious. The story failed to create any impact despite good performances. In the previous episode, we have seen that Sabeen gets engaged with Irtiza. In this episode, it is shown that Iyya Jaan is creating hurdles in the way of Irtiza and Sabeen’s relationship.

The episode begins when Nazish cunningly suggests Sabeen’s mother take expensive gifts for Iyya Jaan. Sabeen’s mother gets worried and the solution she has thought of buying those gifts is that she decides to sell her house what a foolish idea is that! their house is the only property they have and how they sell it for such stupid reasons.

Sabeen hears about the gift and she gets worried too, she calls Irtiza and asks him to meet her. Irtiza arranges a very romantic date for her he books the whole restaurant. Sabeen snubs her for being that cheeky she tells him that she belongs to a middle-class family and she cannot equate their status on which Irtiza corrects her by telling her that she is very special and also ensures her that she and her mother can not meet any demands from his side.

Iyya jaan gets extremely mad when Agha jaan tells her to stop Sabeen’s family from getting any gifts for them. Iyya Jaan is mad at Sabeen because she has already started orchestrating Irtiza. She vows that she will create hurdles in their relationship. The maid track is simply too annoying, apparently, the maid also hates Sabeen and she wants that goon to kill Sabeen and she is offering him money for that. Poor Sabeen has too many haters. Maira continues posing to be nice but she shows her shade at a place. Wondering what being nice is going to help her?

Iyya Jaan sends a dowry list to Sabeen’s mother and Sabeen’s mother instead of being offended says that she will sell her house and will buy each and everything on the list. Sabeen hears all this conversation of her mother with Nazish now she will refuse Irtiza it is Iyya Jaan who is creating hurdles in their way. Kamran gets injured in an accident well how he gets injured is not shown in the play. He is going to stay with Mansoor and family and will create trouble for Sabeen. Qasim Agha and Sana’s scene seems on, Sana also seems a bit interested in him but one wonders what is going to happen with poor Nabeel?

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