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Berukhi Episode-22 Review: Irtiza and Sabeen are getting married

Berukhi the drama serial running at ARY Digital is one tedious play to watch. Although the performances are on spot and it seems that the play is going to get intense. In the previous episode we have seen that Iyya Jaan is creating hurdles in Irtiza and Sabeen’s way. In this episode, Irtiza and Agha jaan make sure that Iyya Jaan clears all such misconceptions and sets the wedding date.

Sabeen has called Irtiza and she asks him to call off the wedding as her family cannot fulfill Iyya Jaan’s demands. Irtiza gets so upset on hearing that Iyya Jaan has send them a list of demands that for the very first time he confronts Iyya Jaan telling her that she has ruined her happiness and her happiness is in marrying Sabeen.

Irtiza tells Iyya Jaan to once again visit Sabeen’s house and clear all these misunderstandings and also to set an early Nikkah date. Iyya Jaan creates a lot of drama of faking her condition and fainting but none of this affects Agha Jaan or Itiza. Irtiza says that they will have to go by the evening to Sabeen’s place and if Iyya Jaan is not well she may stay at home and Agha Jaan agrees on it.

Irtiza’s house help’s track is the most annoying one. Why does that girl think that she may have a slight chance of marrying Irtiza? She has forgotten her place and she is now hiring that same hitman to kill Sabeen. We all wonder from where she has arranged such a huge amount to hire a hitman? This all seems so far-fetched. That same hitman who was hired formerly by Kamran is now following that maid’s instruction and he is waiting to kill Sabeen. Sabeen’s life is in danger and she is hated by so many people including Iyya Jaan.

Irtiza and his family visited Sabeen’s place to apologize for their past behavior, Iyya Jaan apologizes saying that she wants Sabeen to get married in a single suit on which surprisingly Sabeen’s mother says that she cannot let her daughter marry in such a state it’s not a funeral it’s her wedding. Sabeen’s mother has surprised Agha Jaan and Iyya Jaan but then Irtiza has very intelligently handles all the situation, he clears all misunderstanding of Sabeen’s mother and wins her heart. She happily agrees to marry off Sabeen to coming Friday. Sabeen and Irtiza goes on a dinner date as well hoping to see them getting married happily but Sabeen’s life is in danger!

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