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Berukhi Episode-23 Review: Irtiza and Sabeen are happily married

What will Kamaran and Maira now do to ruin Irtiza and Sabeen's relationship?

Berukhi Episode-23 ReviewBerukhi Episode-23 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s drama serial Berukhi with its tedious storyline has entered into a happy zone with Irtiza and Sabeen’s marriage. In the previous episode, Irtiza and Sabeen despite having so many hurdles were engaged to marry soon. In this episode, Irtiza marries Sabeen happily despite Maira’s attempt to add bitterness to their relationship.

Despite all odds and hurdles, Irtiza is all set to marry Sabeen. Irtiza and Sabeen’s nikkah takes place peacefully and that annoying house help and her hitman fails to do anything bad with Irtiza or Sabeen. Iyya Jaan nor Maira and Nazish couldnt do anything to stop this wedding, it is so satisfying to watch Irtiza marrying Sabeen.

Well, Maira is posing as if she is happy but she is extremely jealous and she tries to add bitterness to Irtiza and Sabeen’s relationship. She tells Sabeen that Irtiza has been married before as well and that was too his love marriage, she tells her that she wants her to know his truth but in real she wants to make their relationship miserable. Sabeen’s expressions are as if she is in utter shock but then we see her smiling and in a pleasant mood.

Maira’s tactic fails here. Sabeen has not paid any heed to Maira’s revelation of Irtiza’s first marriage as she already knows this truth. The day Irtiza takes Sabeen out on a dinner date he has told her all about his past because he wants to be absolutely honest with her. Sabeen is only shocked that how come Maira knows about Irtiza’s past but then when he tells her that Iyya Jaan also knows about his marriage she gets relaxed. We are really enjoying Irtiza and Sabeen’s romantic scenes. They both are looking beautiful together giving made for each other vibes.

Well out of nowhere they have added this Sana and Qasim Agha’s romance scene. Why Sana is being too frank with him one really feels bad for Nabeel. How many times she has to say that “Irtiza kitnay lucky hain un kay pass aap jaisay saathi hain” then she is the one who is kinda leading him on and we see a smile on Qasim Agha’s face when he sees her coming. One wonders what will be the possible future of this relationship will Nabeel  to be cut off? What will Kamaran and Maira do to ruin Irtiza and Sabeen’s relationship?

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