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Berukhi Episode-26 Review: Sabeen’s life is in danger

Iyya Jaan plans to poison Sabeen

Berukhi Episode-26 ReviewBerukhi Episode-26 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s drama serial Berukhi is down with 26 episodes the story should have moved towards its conclusion by now but it has come with new twists and turns. Performances are on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Irtiza and Qasim Agha find Kamaran is behind the attack on Irtiza. In this episode, Iyya Jaan is planning to poison Sabeen.

Sabeen’s life is in danger as she got so many haters including that annoying Iyya Jaan. Iyya Jaan has started hating Sabeen and she does not spare any moment to insult her. In one of the scenes, she is badly insulting Sabeen for her low background when Irtiza overhears that conversation, Irtiza takes her side but does not take a firm stand for her.

Iyya Jaan has made up her mind to harm Sabeen she has given a small bottle of some poison to that annoying house help to put it in Sabeen’s drink. Well, the purpose of that poison is to kill Sabeen or to prevent her from getting pregnant. That annoying house help is ready to be part of this deadliest evil plan. The maid herself wants to kill Sabeen but her hopeless desire to get Irtiza does not make any sense at all.

Bowa jee is a kind heart woman who tries to stop that annoying house help from committing that heinous sin but jealousy and hatred for Sabeen plus that hopeless desire to get Irtiza has blinded that girl so much so that she pushed harder than elderly bowa jee. Bowa Jee ends up getting fainted with a serious head injury. Sabeen finds Bowa jee injured lying unconscious on the kitchen floor, she calls Qasim Lala and they rushed her to the hospital. For time being Sabeen is saved but her life is in danger.

There are not many scenes of Kamaran in this episode, even Maira seems a bit out of her character in this episode when she also starts blaming her mother. Sana’s affiliation with Qasim Lala looks so unreal who is Qasim lala? a mere caretaker then why she is being so close and frank with him calling him frankly by his name. Their proximity certainly looks inappropriate and Nabeel is rightly objecting to it. However, at the end of this episode, Sana is blaming Nabeel for not trusting her. One wonders what will happen to this Love trio as we know that Qasim Agha is taking great interest in Sana and maybe he does not know about her engagement with Nabeel.

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