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Berukhi Episode-6 Review: Irtiza has fallen in love

Berukhi the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is getting interesting as the story proceeds. Irtiza Ali Baig and Sabeen’s light romance is adding colors to the play. Hiba Bukari is looking so beautiful. In the previous episode, we have seen that Irtiza Ali Baig has started developing feelings for Sabeen and in this episode, he is very much in love with Sabeen.

Sabeen is teaching at the orphanage and she has been too friendly with Irtiza. Irtiza is feeling great to be friends with someone who does not know his identity. Irtiza’s friend and right man get to know through Aiya Jaan that she has fixed Irtiza’s engagement with Mansoor Ahmed’s daughter for which he is mistaking her for Sabeen. Aiya Jaan has strictly forbidden him not to tell Irtiza.

Kamaran shows his true colors to Sabeen when she refuses to let him touch her hand. Kamaran loses his cool and starts yelling at her. Sabeen gets terrified for the very first time as she sees such a side of him. She is a real dumbo for agreeing to his proposal and for this time she is once again letting his mistake go. Kamran realizes that he has done a blunder he immediately apologizes and dumb Sabeen forgives him.

Aiya Jaan selects Maira for Irtiza and she invites them to her place and showers them with lots of gifts. She tells her servant lady that she has selected these ladies and she knows them very well they both are extremely greedy and ill mannered. The servant lady asks then why she is fixing Irtiza Sahab’s marriage with her? She says that it will be the best option for him as ill-mannered girls like Maira are not homemakers and they will never let their marriage work. Aiya Jaan does not want Irtiza to lead a happy life.

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Sabeen and Irtiza’s light romance is adding colors to the play. Sabeen narrates Cinderella story to her students and then her take on this story with a different point of view has blown Irtiza’s mind. She is really honest and intelligent and this has won Irtiza Aali Baig’s heart. This point of view on Cinderella’s story is very well written by the writer. It seems that Sabeen is also liking Irtiza but since she is engaged now she is not developing her feelings for him. Irtiza’s father orders Irtiza to be careful and not to go anywhere without guards. Irtiza is worrying that he has to give up going to the Orphanage or is he going to reveal his identity to Sabeen?

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