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Berukhi Second Last Episode Review: Divine Justice at work!

Maira is accidentally killed by Kamaran

Berukhi Second Last Episode ReviewBerukhi Second Last Episode Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Berukhi ARY Digital’s drama serial is moving towards its conclusion. In the previous episode, we have seen that Sabeen’s life is in danger as Iyya Jaan wants to poison her. In the latest, Maira out of nowhere gets accidentally shot by Kamaran’s goons and it seems that God has punished her in His own way. Performances are brilliant in this episode.

The opening scene is quite surprising where Irtiza emerges with a blood-stained shirt telling Sabeen that Maira got shot in the car as she was with him in the car. Well, one wonders how come Maira is with Irtiza in his car? Kamaran goons have planned to shoot Sabeen but accidentally they killed Maira so it is actually the divine justice that is at work.

Kamaran is quite happy that he has taken his revenge on Sabeen by taking her life. He is being evil by thinking that what is Irtiza feeling right now after losing her newly wedded beloved wife. Kamaran when switches on the TV gets the shock of his life that he has unknowingly killed not Sabeen but his very own beloved niece Maira. Maira is dead! Kamaran has lost his senses he has gone to her grave where he gets arrested by Police wondering, well what is Police doing in the graveyard?

This sudden reversal of events has changed the whole picture. Nazish Chachi is thinking that she is being punished for her wrongdoings. She has lost her daughter. Mansoor is discharged from the hospital, he is wondering where is Maira, calling her name. The scene where Sana imparts this sad news to him is so heart-wrenching. Performances are just perfect in this scene. Well, we are wondering when will that annoying house help going to get punished for her evil planning.

Qasim Agha is snubbed by Nabeel. Nabeel is being really rude to him he does not need to be that rude. One feels sorry for poor Qasim, his heart is broken but he is happy for Sana as he has realized that Sana loves Nabeel. Sabeen is being a typical Bahu as she snaps back at Iyya Jaan giving her befitting replies and making her position weak in eyes of Irtiza. Bowa Jee tells Irtiza all about Iyya Jaan’s reality that she is his stepmother and Agha Jaan is not his Taya but he is his real father. Irtiza is broken to hear this bitter truth of his life. Let’s see how this whole will going to get concluded.

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