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Bewafa Episode-10 Review: Kinza gets shot in a street robbery!

Bewafa the drama serial is a very engaging tale of betrayal. The plot is very artfully written by Radian Shah the same writer who has written powerful scripts like Meri Guriya. Ali Rehman is very brilliantly carrying the role of a caring husband who is now divided between two wives. Naveen Waqar and Ushna Shah are giving their finest performances in this play.

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The episode begins when Shireen is trying to play her cards well in front of Aahan, she does not tell Aahan anything about Kinza but also expresses in a way that Aahan gets what she is doing with her. He tries to convince Kinza that she should change her attitude and forget about what happened but Kinza is not ready to change herself. Shireen in front of Aahan asks Kinza to let her go at her Ammi’s place. She allows her in a very rude way. Kinza and Aahan’s mother insults her but Shireen is very smartly playing her cards of being all good, she plays it so well that even Aahan’s mother gets impressed with Shireen’s good manners.


Shireen goes to her mother’s place expresses her problems with her mother but in front of her sister,  she tries to make her jealous by saying that she is being very well. She tries to taunt her by saying that she is married and happy with her husband in her house while she still cooks and works in her father’s house. Sharmeen corrects her by saying that the house she is talking about is not hers but Aahan’s first wife’s, she further shows her mirror by saying that she is working at his father’s house but what she is doing? working for Kinza Bibi.


Kinza is very disturbed and sad, she is lost in old sweet memories of Aahan in her car where she has come to pick Hashir from his tuition, but then the street robbers come and knocks at her car mirror. He is pointing a gun at her and asking for her purse, she kinda resists on which the robber shoot her and runs away. Kinza is shot and is alone in the street, Hashir’s tuition teacher and other people take Kinza to the hospital and she is saved, while the teacher is continuously trying to call Hashir’s father but he is not picking the call. Aahan’s mother is extremely worried that why kinza is so late to get back home.


Aahan and Shireen returns home and see his mother getting extremely worried for Kinza, Aahan gets worried too because its is very late. He goes to the tuition teacher’s house where he comes to know about the robbery incident and also that Kinza got shot. He runs to the hospital with Hashir and finds her unconscious. He gets emotional and recalls old sweet memories of Kinza, as he still loves her. He spends the whole night at hospital tells Shireen about the incident and asks her to bring mama to hospital in the morning. Aahan once again heartily apologizes Kinza on his past behavior and asks her for giving him one more chance.

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