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Bewafa Episode -11 Review: Shireen is playing her cards very smartly

Aahan's mother gets impressed and trapped by Shireen's sweet behaviour

Bewafa Episode-11 ReviewIn this episode Shireen is playing her cards very smartly - OyeYeah

Bewafa the engaging tale of betrayal which runs on ARY Digital is showing something very realistic and which people can relate to. The story of the play is brilliantly penned down by Radain Shah, of Meri Guriya Fame. The story revolves around Aahan a very loving and caring husband who now feels divided. The story shows how a loyal husband gets honey trapped and marries his colleague.

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The episode begins when Shireen is pretending to be all good in front of Aahan’s mother and she prepares all the breakfast which actually her mother has sent her but she pretends that she herself has prepared all this. Well, Aahan’s mother apparently shows that she is not impressed by her but deep inside she has touched her heart. And when she arrives at the hospital she gets shocked when Aahan asks her to go back to the house as Kinza will get disturb if she sees her here and that he does not want. Shireen gets mad when she sees Aahan caring so much for Kinza but she expresses that she understands and it is the right thing to do.


Shireen is roaming in the house alone and she walks into Kinza’s bedroom and there she is looking on Kinza’s belongings with so much envy and in her mind, she is planning that eventually she will make all this herself and will ruin Kinza and will take revenge for the slap. She is envying her bathroom when the maid steps in, well one of the good things about Shireen is that she does not get trapped into that cunning maid, in fact, she snubs her but she is kind of surprised when that maid has the audacity to insult her.


Aahan is feeling extremely guilty. He is taking the best care of Kinza, he combs her hair and makes her eat the food. However he is feeling like he has wronged Kinza and he is extremely confused he is thinking to leave Shireen for good and when he has this confusion in his mind he goes to his mother, she advise her not to leave Shireen but to do justice between both of his wives. Aahan is shocked to see her mother having a soft corner for Shireen, he says that her magic is now working on his mother too. He is now happy and satisfied.


Kinza gets very angry when Shireen brings breakfast into her room and she even gets disturbed when she learns that Aahan’s mother has sent her. She goes to talk with the mother but she gets hurt when she sees her having a soft corner for Shireen. She is even more shocked to see Shireen back to her room when bringing tea. Kinza badly snubs her in front of Aahan, then Kinza is shocked when Mummy enters into her room after a while telling her that why she behaves so badly with Shireen if she is keeping her then she should give her the basic rights. Kinza bitterly says to mummy that she is speaking her language and now she is not here anymore. It is true that Kinza is losing her ground.

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