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Bewafa Episode-13 Review: Aahan’s mother gets to know about Shireen’s reality

Kinza is being very nice to Shireen

Bewafa Episode-13 ReviewAahan's mother gets to know about Shireen's reality - OyeYeah

The drama serial Bewafa which is all about betrayal in love is a story which is about a loving and caring husband Aahan who eventually gets honey trapped by his own colleague and then he married her without taking any permission from his first wife. This story is penned down by Khudparast famed writer Radain Shah and it is directed by Aabis Raza.

Kinza is trying to be nice with Shireen just for the sake of Aahan and Aahan is liking Kinza, by doing so he is getting more close to Kinza. She allows her to go to the office but Shireen tries to play her cards very smartly she says that she will not go until Kinza’s hand will not get completely well. Kinza even allowed her to go to Hashir’s parent teacher meeting.


Well, Shireen’s image has been damaged in front of Aahan’s mother when Shireen’s mother comes to visit her and there she says that she used to send them cooked food. Aahan’s mother is super angry to know that Shireen has been lying with her all the time by saying that she has cooked the food. Aahan’s mother has realized that Shireen has a double face and she tells everything about herself to her mother and on top of it, Aahan’s mother catches Shireen talking with her mother saying that her mother in law’s last days are going to be very painful.


Shireen gets panicked when she sees that her mother in law has heard everything. She tries to cover it up with lying but Aahan’s mother is not ready to listen to any of her lies. Her reality is completely evident to Aahan’s mother and she has realized that it was her mistake to trust Shireen and by doing so she has weakened her house foundation. Well she has not discussed about it when anyone so far.


Aahan is getting close to Kinza, he says that no one can take her place and moreover he was very lovingly looking on her when she is sleeping and he offers her to help her get ready but she sweetly says that she will get ready and then Aahan tells him that Shireen is also going with her on which Kinza wonders that she has refused to go herself then Aahan says that he insists because he has to do some important paperwork at office on which Kinza says that she is okay with it and they do not need her permission. The clever maid tries to ignite Shireen against Kinza and Hashar suggesting her to throw them out of the house on which Shireen says that she will be going to throw her out instead. That maid now tries to provoke Kinza but she knows well how to snub her very hard.

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