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Bewafa Episode-15 Review: Kinza seems blinded with Shireen’s fake sweetness

Bewafa the drama serial which is based on betrayal and how a loving husband turns into a cheat, how he gets honey-trapped by his own ambitious colleague. The story plot is very brilliantly written by Radain Shah and well-executed by Aabis Raza. Ali Rehman, Naveen Waqar, and Ushna Shah are giving their best of the performances in the play.

Shireen’s spell has started working on Kinza and she is now ready to go to her house. Aahan’s mother has realized Shireen’s reality and moreover she also finds Shireen yelling at Hashar! She tries her best to convince Kinza not to get trapped into her flattery but Kinza tells her mother in law that she does not have to worry she is just doing that just to be nice with her just because of Aahan and that she is very caring for her.


Kinza tells Shireen that she does not want to go but then Shireen insists so she goes with her at Shireen’s house and there she tries to excuse her past behavior from Shireen’s mother but she says so sweetly that she is like her third daughter. She is evidently being so sweet that Kinza realizes that she is pretending to be that nice and sweet. Kinza is so impressed the way Sharmeen shoo away her rishta call.


Kinza tries to motivate her by saying that she has done the right thing and that people deserve such kind of response on which Sharmeen also kinda like Kinza. She tries to help her too she tells her that she is Shireen’s sister and she has spent with her a lifetime and she is telling her because she is caring for her that she should be careful, Shireen is just like that what she used to think of her, she can make her home but at the cost of ruining her. Kinza gets alarmed but it seems that she is blinded by Shireen’s fake sweetness so much so that she finds this truth bitter. She accuses Sahrmeen at her face for being so bitter about her own sister. Later in the car, Shireen also tells her that her sister is so bitter and jealous of her on which Kinza advice her to give her a job in Aahan’s office on which she gets disturbed and Kinza notices it.


Kinza is shocked to see that Aahan spends the whole night in Shireen’s room and Hashar too is sleeping at Shireen’s room. Kinza feels so used and betrayed. Aahan’s mother tells her that this is the fruit of her so-called nameless friendship, what else she is expecting from her? Sharmeen’s warning starts ringing in her mind. Although Kinza has made clear to Shireen that this will not going to happen again but now she becomes more careful.

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