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Bewafa Episode-17 Review: It seems like Kinza is about to lose her home!

Aahan is blinded by Shireen's lies

Bewafa Episode-17 ReviewIn this episode It seems like Kinza is about to lose her home - OyeYeah News

The Tale of Betrayal Bewafa on airing on HUM TV has now taken a very tragic turn, the plot is very brilliantly set by Radain Shah of Meri Guriya fame and well-executed by Aabis Raza. It is shown that how a loving and caring husband turns into a cheat when his own colleague honey traps him and now that same ambitious girl is his wife and is making him divorce Kinza!

Shireen’s plan has worked well, she is successful in weakening Kinza’s position in the house and also she is successful in replacing Kinza’s place from Aahan’s heart. Aahan is now so mad at Kinza that he does not want to see her face. Kinza had accepted Shireen and she had been nice with her but Shireen has used her sweetness and kindness against her. Shireen has ruined her and she has made her position in the house so weak.


Shireen is now showing her true colors to Kinza, she heartlessly passes rude remarks to her and never miss any chance of taunting her. She says to Kinza that she is warning her and now the next warning will be given to her by Aahan. Kinza is feeling so helpless in that situation. Hashir tells Kinza that Shireen badly treats him. Shireen moreover terminates Sharmeen from the office after giving her a warning letter.


Kinza’s position gets worse when Sharmeen goes to Kinza’s house to warn her against Shireen but at the same time, Shireen and Aahan enter into the house. Sharmeen loses temper as usual and starts calling names to Shireen on which it makes an impression on Aahan as if Kinza has called Shireen on purpose and she is plotting against her. Furthermore Shireen’s feedings and lies do the rest of the job, Aahan starts hating Kinza.


Shireen creates a lot of drama out of Sharmeen’s termination in front of Aahan saying that Kinza is after her to ruin her reputation in the office too, she purposely hires Sharmeen so that people at the office think that Shireen is misusing her position and for that, she has to terminate her own sister. She literally gives Aahan a choice either to choose her or Kinza.

Aahan is blinded by Shireen’s drama so much so that he is now seriously thinking about leaving Kinza. He is so blind that even her mother’s advice seems him like some kind of brainwashing done by Kinza. Aahan is literally hating Kinza even more and it seems that he will be going to leave her.

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