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Bewafa Episode-18 Review: Aahan has given Kinza a last warning!

Shireen is making every situation into her favor

Bewafa Episode-18 ReviewIn this episode Aahan has given Kinza a last warning - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Bewafa the drama serial running on ARY Digital is a heart touching story of betrayal where a loving and caring husband cheats on his wife when he gets honey-trapped by his own colleague and how his heart changed towards Kinza that now for him she is worthless. In this episode, Aahan gives the last warning to Kinza that if Shireen says anything against her he will leave her. The plot of the drama is well set by Radain Shah and well-executed by Aabis Raza.

The episode begins when poor Kinza tries to confront Shireen and how Shireen takes every word uttered by her into her own favor and tells Aahan about it by adding lots of Masala in that she accuses that Kinza has called her Aahan’s keep and she treats her like that too. Shireen created a lot of drama and cries a lot to make Aahan angry. He goes to Kinza and badly insults her asking her to apologize Shireen which Kinza clearly refused so he gets even more mad at her.

Kinza is really shattered to see Aahan treating her like a nobody, this is the kind of behavior she is not familiar with, she never even imagined in her wildest dreams that Aahan will treat her like that, that too on Shireen’s feeding. Kinza is feeling helpless at her own house and she feels like she has lost her place. She is so hurt that she tries to contact her brother who is too eager to help her despite all bitterness Kinza has for him and his wife.

The second biggest mistake which goes against Kinza is that Faisal goes to the office to talk with Aahan and accidentally meets Shireen he starts threatening her and Shireen smartly records all that in her mobile and then eventually uses this in her favor. Kinza does not even know that her brother has done that. Shireen creates a drama, crying and saying that Kinza has sent her brother who has insulted her badly and this makes Aahan even madder. She gives Kinza the last warning and for the very first time, he taunts Kinza that she is an orphan and helpless girl whose own brother does not care for her that is why he is not asking her to leave the house. These words have literally broken Kinza’s heart

Aahan gets disturbed when Sharmeen says something deep to him. Her advice has somehow hit his heart and her words are echoing in his head. He has realized that he has done something wrong for Kinza and for that, he thinks that he will make amends but when he goes back home he sees that Faisal has been at his place he again gets mad but this time he is not that furious. Faisal starts talking with him in high tone on which he threatens him that he is going to leave Kinza too on which Kinza gets panicked she requests her brother to leave. Kinza gets shocked when Aahan very badly and rudely asks her brother to get out in a very insulting manner. He has never dared to talk with her brother like that before!

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