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Bewafa Episode 24-Review: Shireen is now trapping her new boss and wants to leave Aahan

Aahan still dragging his dead relationship with Shireen


Bewafa a very engaging story of betrayal, is airing on ARY Digital and now it is taking a different turn. Things have turned around, the same ambitious girl Shireen who has honey trapped Aahan because of his money and status is now leaving him, and she is leaving the ground open for Kinza. Radain Shah has very artfully penned down the plot. Naveen Waqar, Ushna Shah, and Ali Rehman have come up with their brilliant performances.

Aahan has fully realized Shireen’s reality and his double personality. He has fully understood that Shireen is only after money not him, her attitude with him has totally changed since he has lost his job. Shireen over and over insults him, tells him that he needs to be practical and he needs to get a job but one wonders why Aahan still wants to drag this dead relationship after knowing that she has trapped him and ruined his house, he still wants to keep her? why?


Shireen has switched the job and there her new boss is a real flirt guy who on her first day tries to be frank and flirtatious with her. Shireen has made her mind that she is going to replace him with Aahan sooner or later. She is literally in search of an excuse to leave Aahan. Aahan sees her coming from office at a very late hour in her new boss’s car and when Aahan wants to inquire about it, she gets mad and insults him badly. Kinza witness the whole scene.


Kinza shares her concerns with her mother in law who tells her that things are going as expected as Shireen was never in love with Aahan, she has trapped him just because of his job and position and now Aahan is worthless in her eyes and soon she is going to leave him. Kinza tells her mother in law that it is what she wanted. She wants Aahan to end this relationship.


Aahan catches Shireen with her new boss at a cafe and there he creates a huge scene where he insults her boss too, Shireen reacts to it and leaves the house telling Kinza that finally she is leaving her house and husband for her. She even try to blame Kinza for it. One thing is beyond comprehension is Aahan’s behavior after knowing the fact that she has trapped him, ruined him, and now she is being dishonest with him too he is still feeling guilty over his behavior?

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