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Bewafa Episode 4 Review: Aahan wants Shireen to end their relationship

Bewafa an intense tale of betrayal, featured its fourth episode. The story of the drama is getting more and more intense and some viewers may find this content extremely relatable. The plot is artfully penned down by Meri Guriya famed writer Radain Shah and well helmed by Aabis Raza. Ali Rehman has outdone his role as a helpless man who is succumbed to the temptations he faces at his work place and as an escape from his bored married life,  which he later starts regretting.

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The episode begins when Aahan and Shireen are going in the car for the lunch, but Aahan sees Kinza coming so he harshly turns Shireen away from his car. Shireen has realized the reason behind Aahan’s rudeness she tries to take revenge on it and she meets Kinza in the lift and tells that Aahan sir is out with Shireen and he daily goes out with her for lunch. This made Kinza so mad that she makes Aahan to swear that she has never been to lunch with her. Aahan’s mother also supports kinza and she tells Aahan to apologize to her.


Shireen’s jealous sister cannot stand Shireen’s happiness and her getting involve and happy with Aahan. She brainwashed his brother to go and talk with Aahan’s wife. Moreover, Shireen’s mother also scolds her for crossing her limits. Shireen, on the other hand, is playing her cards really well she is being all good and kind in front of Aahan and tells him to be kind to his wife as she has rights being his wife, blah blah. She is doing all that being good drama just to win Aahan’s heart.


Kinza shares all the details with her mother in law that she finds a woman’s hair strand on Aahan’s shirt and also that the shirt smells of a woman’s perfume. She further tries to investigate, checks Aahan’s phone in the middle of the night but when she for opening the phone lock touches Aahan’s thumb he wakes up. Kinza gets embarrassed but she has got enough material to lose trust in him. However her mother in law supports him but she also encourages her to look at things from a different angle and not to be that judgemental. Kinza gets convinced and she plans to say sorry but she was surprised when Aahan comes home in a happy mood carrying donuts for her.


Aahan is dining out with Shireen and was in a very romantic mood when her colleague’s wife finds him with her and she bluntly says that she thought Kinza is sitting with him but then his colleague covered him. Later in the office, his colleague schools him for his conduct he makes him realize that this relationship has no end but it will lead towards a disaster which will ruin his marriage, his home. He should think about his son. Aahan gets moved with this and he finally tells Shireen that he cannot further carry this relationship as he thinks that he is doing wrong with his wife and his son and for him, his son is most important. Shireen again comes up with her crying drama but this time Aahan seems resolute.

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