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Bewafa Episode-5 Review: Shireen is playing her cards very smartly

Bewafa the tale of Betrayal revolves around a guy who happens to be a good family man and a loving husband and he is trying hard to avoid his office girl Shireen who advances towards him but eventually gets honey-trapped. The play is very artfully penned down by Radain Shah, she has written a story with which many can relate. Ali Rehman is brilliantly carrying his role as Aahan and Naveen Waqar as a possessive wife whose all suspicions towards her husband are getting true. Ushna Shah is beautifully playing the role of a cunning and ambitious Shireen.

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The episode begins when Ali Rehman clearly tells Shireen that their nameless relationship has no future and he cannot carry their relationship like this as he has to think about his son and wife. Shireen is heart broken on hearing this and she gets more hurt when she sees that her sister is happy about hearing this. Well, poor Aahan has cleared himself and is trying hard to be loyal with his wife but little he knows that he is now trapped in this situation forever.


Shireen’s brother goes to Aahan’s house and meets Kinza and there he tells her that her husband is having an affair with his sister and also that he almost daily comes at their place. Kinza says that she wants to come with him to their house. He brings her to his house where Kinza sees Shireen and recognizes her that she is the same girl she met in the elevator, she slaps Shireen hard on her face and she does not stop here. She insults her parents particularly her father and accuses them that they are deliberately letting Shireen have this affair to satisfy their greed for money. Shireen’s father really gets hurt on hearing all this.


Little does Kinza know that she has done a huge blunder. Shireen tries to cash this situation she calls Aahan and tells him the whole story. Aahan is extremely mad and embarrassed about hearing all that they have a fight and Kinza once again crosses all limits in her madness she accuses Aahan of sleeping with Shireen and moreover she accuses that her family has taken money for that, and upon hearing all this Aahan slaps her! Kinza has gone too far in arguing and has crossed the limits. Kinza’s brother and sister in law come in for reconciliation. Well, it seems pretty over that they are offering her to live in their servant quarter! Aahan’s mother intervenes and she stops Kinza to go with her brother and insists that she keep living in the same house but in the guest room.


Aahan goes to the Shireen’s house the very next day but it seems strange that after all that insult her family is still letting him get into their house. Shireen’s greedy mother is trying hard to cash this situation, she lies that Shireen has attempted for suicide which disturbs Aahan. However, Shireen tells Aahan that she has not done anything like that her mother is lying moreover she plays the card of being all good and kind heart girl even after getting so much insult so well that it has moved Aahan’s heart towards her!

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