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Bewafa Episode-6 Review: Aahaan marries Shireen!

The tale of Betrayal, Bewafa the drama serial which shows the story of a family man, how a loving husband turns into a cheat and how he secretly marries her office colleague. The gripping plot is artfully penned by Khudparast famed writer Radain Shah and it is well executed by Aabis Raza the same duo who is behind drama serial Khudparast. Ali Rehman is simply outdoing his role as Aahaan and Naveen Waqar and Ushna Shah too have come up with brilliant performances.

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The episode begins when Aahaan is regretting that he has to ruin Shireen’s life. However; he feels that there is no solution to this problem. He is impressed by Shireen’s kind heart, her caring attitude towards him and particularly for Kinza, she always speaks so well about Kinza. Little does Aahaan know that it is a drama being played by that cunning Shireen just to honey trap him and she is succeeding in that!


Shireen, on the other hand, is not stopping here, she is much more than a drama queen. She is just like her sister who uses her brother to get her work done. She acts in front of her brother as if she is dying or her parents will kill her. Well to be honest, at this point drama seems a bit over and senseless and her brother who is so much concerned about his honor actually goes to Aahaan’s office to fetch him and tells him that his parents are going to kill her on which Aahaan takes a decision in haste to do nikkah with Shireen as soon as possible.


Kinza on the other side, unknown to this fact is waiting that Aahaan will apologize on his conduct but he has not even shown any kind of embarrassment let alone an apology. Her mother in law advises her to step forward and starts mending her relationship and should not wait for him but she did not agree but later when she sees her son being sad about his parent’s differences, she seems worried. She also has a dream where Aahaan is telling Shireen that he will marry her and soon he is going to divorce Kinza. Kinza goes to Aahaan’s room and starts crying, Aahaan wakes up and gets worried. She narrates the whole dream to Aahaan which startles him, he says that he will never divorce her but on which Kinza says that if he is thinking of a second marriage she will take her own life. They both reconciles and now Aahaan is really feeling very guilty.


Shireen’s family is like what Kinza thinks, they are extremely greedy and they always think about money. Shireen’s mother is super happy on this nikkah while Aahan is feeling extremely guilty he wants to step back but then Kinza’s call makes him think that she cannot change so he proceeds and there while signing nikkah papers he is all thinking about her time spend with Kinza. Shireen again is pretending to be all good, she says that she is happy that he has given her his name but she never wants to take Kinza’s place she has more rights on him.

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