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Bewafa Episode-7 Review: Aahan is now a divided man

Drama serial Bewafa, the story of Betrayal is very artfully penned down by Radain Shah, the writer who has dramas like Meri Guriya and Khudparast on her credits. Bewafa is well executed by Aabas Raza as the play is showcasing some finest performances. Ali Rehman has simply outdone his role as Aahan who being a loyal husband turns into a cheat.

The episode begins when Aahan has married Shireen and now when he visits her house, the next day Shireen’s elder sister Sharmeen taunts him and bluntly asks him that when he is going to take her with him. Aahan now feels that he is now a divided man. Aahan also feels guilty when he is with Kinza and Hashir, he is trying his best to give them quality time. Rumors of his second marriage have reached Kinza’s bhabi too but she prefers to keep quiet on this issue.


Kinza although seems satisfied now with Aahan’s attitude but deep inside her gut feelings, her sixth sense is indicating her that something is not right. She feels like Aahan’s attitude is not normal she knows him for so long, he has never been that angry with her in life that he has stopped talking with her and now all of sudden he has become too sweet and too caring which is disturbing her but her mother in law tells her not to overthink.


Shireen, on the other hand, is pretending that she is all good and that she does not want to create any trouble for Aahan. Aahan’s car is ruined by her brother and Sharmeen has not stopped being rude with him. She clearly kind of threatens him by saying that it is the age of social media how long he can hide his marriage, a single picture is if leaked can create a lot of problems for him. Aahan arranges for a separate apartment for Shireen and tells her to get ready as he will be taking her to her home in the evening.


Aahan is about to reach to Shireen’s house in the evening when he gets Kinza’s call that Hashir gets a minor injury and she is taking her to the hospital. Aahan leaves everything, forgets what he has to do and rushes to the hospital and when Kinza asks him that why he left his important meeting on which he says that nothing is more important for him than her and Hashir. He spends his quality time with his son and forgets to even make a call to Shireen. While on the other hand, Sharmeen is making fun of Shireen that she has been ditched by Aahan.

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