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Bewafa Episode-9 Review: Kinza is creating troubles for Shireen

Aahan is not defending Shireen or taking her side

Bewafa Episode-8 Review: Kinza gets to know about Aahaan 's second marriage

Bewafa the tale of betrayal, the drama serial which many of us find quite relatable on airs its another episode. The play is very engaging with its gripping plot and performances, well-written plot by Radain Shah and is also well-executed by Aabis Raza, the same duo who were also behind drama serial Khudparast. Ali Rehman Khan is outdoing his role as a helpless husband who is now divided among two wives.

The episode begins when Kinza tells Aahan to bring Shireen home, Aahan is shocked after listening to this. She is taking Shireen home but Shireen thinks that he is taking him to his own house but then Aahan breaks the news that he is taking him to his home where Kinza lives and he is doing that on Kinza’s demand. Shireen is shocked and bit disturbed to hear this but she shows that she is okay and agrees with Aahan that Kinza has a gem of a heart and she has done a big sacrifice.


Well Shireen is not welcomed in the house but it was what she is expecting. Kinza just look at her and closes the door. Aahan’s mother very rudely refuses to welcome her. However ,the evil maid is the only person who warmly welcomes her and it means that in the future she is going to create troubles for kinza and may be helpful for Shireen. Well ,Shireen is still masking the all good and understanding girl mask in front of Aahan.


Kinza is very smartly taking her moves. She has told Shireen that she does not need to go to the office now and now she should work like a housewife and she should start it from Kitchen. Shireen is also behaving very sweetly and nicely in front of Kinza but Kinza knows her reality. She is now giving her a reality check. Shireen is hurt and shocked to see that Aahan is not defending her in all in front of Kinza. Instead of complaining,  Shireen is also playing her cards well she says that she can understand why Kinza is being bitter and her attitude is justified and she can handle her.


Aahan’s mother is very disturbed to see Shireen at her place, it is not bearable for her to see Shireen living in their house. She is mad at Kinza too for letting her live in the house but Kinza explains toher that she has not married Aahan for love but for money so it is easy for her to handle her here in the house and in that way Aahan will be too here. She is so clever and needs to smartly handle this situation, the cunning maid eavesdrop the whole conversation and tells Shireen with her additions on which Shireen points out her that she gets her where she is telling the truth and where she is making it. Shireen tries to be close to Hashir but then Kinza takes him away and tells him to stay away from her.

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