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Bewafa Second Last Episode Review: Aahan pays for his mistakes!

Shireen files for divorce and plans to marry her new wealthy boss!


 A very interesting tale of betrayal Bewafa, airing on Ary Digital, is finally getting towards its ending. The story is so flawlessly presented that people can relate their life experiences with it. Penned down by Radian Shah, the play is beautifully written and well-executed. Naveen Waqar, Ali Rehman, and Ushna Shah have given their best of the performances in the play.

The episode begins when Aahan is regretting that he has wronged Shireen and he should meet her and apologize. Kinza clearly tells him that she is not ready for any kind of test, her level of patience has already has reached its culmination. Aahan has somehow developed some kind of attachment with Shireen and being a kind and sincere person he feels like he has to try for reconciliation little he knows that Shireen has made up her mind to leave him.


Aahan goes to talk with Shireen, Sharmin advises him to go but he still insists that he wants to talk with her. Shireen says that she does not want to talk with her, she is leaving him and if he ever tries to talk with her, she is going to file a complaint against him for harassment. Aahan is shocked to hear this, outside Shireen’s house he meets her current boss who teases him that he is going to spend some real quality time with his wife on which Aahan loses his cool and beats the hell out of him. Shireen comes to rescue him and later they both file an FIR against Aahan for harassment.


Kinza being a real gem heart meets Aahan’s friend and ex-colleague at his office who very respectfully treats her, there she expresses not openly but in a reserved way that Aahan and she are going through many hardships so she request him not to punish his friend for what he has done to him. His friend seems touched by Kinza’s words, he clears his heart from all negative feelings against Aahan and comes to meet him when he sees Police at Aahan’s house, he helps the Police officer in clearing Aahan’s point of view and tells him that he is a decent fellow and the complaint is made by his own wife. Police seems convinced and Aahan once again gains his old friend. It is all because of Kinza. Aahan is really ashamed of all his mistakes and how wrongly he has treated his friend and family for Shireen.


Well, we all really wanted to see Shireen suffer for all her sins and wrongdoings, but it seems that luck is still on her side. She is not even feeling guilty over what she has done, she does not have a single feeling for Aahan, she loves him till he was rich and now since he is jobless, he is worthless in her eyes. Shireen has made up her mind to leave Aahan and marry her current boss, who seems to be very much interested in her. She has filed for divorce. Aahan is feeling like he has lost everything and now he is going to lose more but Kinza tells him that he is a gem of a person as he is feeling guilt for all his wrongdoing which itself is a gift only a few people are blessed with.

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