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Bikharay Moti Episode-3 Review: A heart wrenching episode!

Aiza is trying her best to stand for Faiza's children


Bikharay Moti the drama serial running at ARY Digital is raising important issues related to domestic violence and children’s rights. This episode is very heartbreaking in which Faiza’s funeral is shown. The helplessness of Aiza is very disturbing but she is trying her best to take care of Faiza’s children. Neelum Muneer is giving a good performance as Aiza.

The episode begins with Faiza’s funeral, her body is shown lying lifelessly but raising numerous questions that why she was treated like that? Aiza and Faiza’s children were mourning their loss when Zulfi’s mother enters into the scene creating a fake drama that she is extremely sad over this loss and that she has done her best to take care of her. Aiza cannot stand this hypocrisy she starts yelling at her telling her to go away.


One of the inspiring thing shown in the play is the letter Faiza has written to Aiza in which she mentions her sister that she has bought a shroud for herself and she wants to be wrapped in that shroud only, she does not want to get wrapped in her father’s or husband’s money bought Kafan. It is giving a very strong message of self-reliance to the women out there.


Zulfi’s brother is another shady character, apparently, he is being very caring. He insists that Faiza’s burial should be done at her in-law’s place as it is the matter of their reputation. Ahad intervenes telling him that why they have not cared about her reputation when she was helpless in the hospital no one was at her side. Then Zulfi’s brother is eyeing on Zulfi’s son to take him to Hyderabad and make him work in a workshop. He gives his mother some money too. He is the one who should suggest Zulfi that he should remarry it looks so vile of Zulfi that he is smiling at the idea of getting married again, he has literally no feelings for her dead wife.


Aiza is keeping up the promise to take the best care of Faiza’s children but it seems that she is being helpless in many situations. Faiza’s father is the meanest father ever, well his character is hard to be a believable one as how can a father has literally zero feelings for her deceased daughter? He is not even ready to keep Faiza’s grieved children for a few days. Aiza is literally feeling helpless when Zulfi comes along with his brother to take the kids back home. Faiza’s children do not want to go back but Aiza seems to fail as her own father is not ready to keep them. How she is going to keep her promise and take care of Faiza’s children?

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