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Bikharay Moti Episode-5 Review: Aiza makes sure that she will not let anyone deprive her from her basic rights, not even her father

Janu's scenes are very heartbreaking!

Bikharay Moti Episode-5 ReviewIn this episode Aiza makes sure that she will not let anyone deprive her from her basic rights, not even her father - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital’s drama series Bikharay Moti aired its fifth episode. The play is raising a very important issue of children’s rights, depicting how children are mistreated by their own family members, and instead of getting their basic right to education, they are forced to work at a very tender age. Yasir Nawaz, Naz Farooqui, Neelum Muneer, and Wahaaj Ali are giving brilliant performances. And child stars are also playing their role very well especially the child star playing the role of Janu has done a remarkable job.

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The episode begins when Aiza comes to know that Janu has been sent to Hyderabad with his Taya. She knows that he will make him work. She finds herself so helpless in this case. She goes at Ahad’s house and there she expresses her heart out how defeated she feels and how hurt she is for not keeping her sister’s promise. Ahad says that he is with her on every step and he will also accept Faiza’s kids.


Ahad’s father sees Aiza and Ahad talking at his house. Later, Ahad’s father shares his disapproval in very harsh words with his son. He is also vilifying Aiza’s character, being a conservative he wants a parda observing daughter in law and he clearly tells his wife that he does not like Aiza’s father and her family and he is never going to approve her as his daughter in law. Poor Ahad is extremely disturbed to know his father’s views about Aiza, he assures Aiza that he will never leave her no matter what happens.


Janu’s scenes when he reaches Hyderabad is so heart wrenching, he receives a very cold welcome by her Tayee. She is showing no mercy on this motherless child. She slaps him hard on his face on a trivial thing. When Janu is silently watching his cousin studying and her mother giving her glass of milk, his eyes and his expressions are heart tearing. Then as he silently cries over at night is just heart clenching. The best thing about this episode is that Aiza despite her father not allowing her for the job, she is resolute that she will work and study as it is her basic right and no one can deprive her of that not even her father.


Zulfi is shown as the worst father ever, he has no feelings for his own children who are his own blood. It looks so creepy that he is showing interest in Aiza by telling her mother that Faiza used to say that she massages so well. This is so sick of him and the worst side of him is that when her mother tells him that she is sending Shehzadi to work as a maid in a house, he not for a single second realized that how can she let his minor daughter work at a stranger’s house? He has not realized the high risks involved in allowing her daughter to work in a house whose members he does not personally know.

One thing that is needed to be pointed out here about the execution of this play, it is that Zulfi’s house is not at all depicting his social class, it is a very large and well-furnished house it seems like a home of a well to do family as keeping in mind the fact that accommodation is very expensive in Karachi so how come a family with such financial situation affords such a spacious house? Directors need to put their thought and efforts in this regard to make the situations more believable.

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