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Bikharay Moti Episode-8 Review: Another heart wrenching episode

ARY Digital’s Bikharay Moti the drama serial is raising a very vital issue of children’s rights and child labor. The story seems to be getting more and more depressing. It requires a big heart to watch these heart-wrenching episodes especially when you realize that many children, in reality, face similar issues. Humayun Naz, Samina Ahmed, Waseem Abbas’s performances are simply brilliant in this episode.

The episode begins when Aiza’s father slaps her hard on her face when he gets to know about Ahad. Aiza is wondering that is he her father for whose honor she has taken a stand against Ahad and refuses to do court marriage? but now her father is blaming her for disgracing him. Aiza’s father is in such a furious mood that he goes straight to Haji Saab’s shop and complains to him about his son and warns him that if he repeats his conduct he is not going to spare him.

Haaji Sahab is such an evil person he starts blaming Aiza which made Aiza’s father even angrier and he comes back home with that furious range, he beats Aiza and locks her up in her room. He forbids her not to step out of the house now without his permission. He calls Zulfi’s brother and he himself suggests him for Zulfi and Aiza’s marriage on which Zulfi’s brother is more than happy but one wonders why he is so much interested in Zulfi and Aiza’s marriage? Haaji Sahab is playing a double game he says to Ahad that he is ready to accept Aiza and will send her wife for the proposal but he is not going to accept Faiza’s children. Ahad knows that he cannot marry Aiza without accepting Faiza’s children.

Shehzaadi is at rest and still, her greedy Dadi is mourning that her employers have only helped in her treatment, they should have given her some money too. Her grandmother is so greedy and vile that she has even taken the little amount of money the woman has given Shehzaadi for milk. Janu’s condition is also not different he is deprived of going to school and on top of that his Chachi spare no moment in badly scolding him.

Aiza has realized that she has wronged her sister by making her a promise that she cannot fulfill, she cannot even protect herself from her father’s brutalities. She has made up her mind that she is going to accept Ahad’s offer but on one condition and that is, he has to accept her along with her mother and Faiza’s children. Ahad accepts her offer. Will he be able to marry her? How will Ahad with no decent job is going to support Aiza along with her mother and Faiza’s children?

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