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Bikhray Moti Episode-19 Review: Ahad is creating trouble for Aiza

ARY Digital’s Bikhray Moti is one play which is surely not for faint hearts. The drama is raising numerous issues including child abuse and child marriage. And good thing is that the production is creating awareness among the audience but on the other hand, these subjects are too heavy to handle. This is yet another heart-wrenching episode with brilliant performances.

Zulfi is now transformed, he now does care for his children. He makes sure that Shezaadi is now safe at her home and also he takes the responsibility of dropping Janu to school. He has also started to earn some money and he is resolute that he now onwards will take good care of his children. Such a huge development in his character.

Well, Ahad is creating troubles for her Aiza, he is not realizing for a single second that by going to her house will put Aiza in such a huge mess. He goes to her house and Aiza instead of telling him to go away let him enter and  later we see that he brings groceries for her. However, Zulfi figured out that it is Ahad who has brought groceries for her, he snubs her and tells her to warn him not to show his face in the lane again.

Shehzaadi gets so scared when Malik Sahab enters into her house, calling her name. Aiza tries her best to face him and shoo him off but Malik Sahab is just being persistent, he is pushing her and continuously calling Shehzaadi’s name when Zulfi intervenes and he handles Malik Sahab in his way throwing him out of the house but Malik Sahab threatens him that he will come again and will take Shehzaadi away. He wants the money he has spent on Shehzaadi for wedding or he wants Shehzaadi back. Aiza said that she will give his money.

Well, one of the most heart wrenching and spine chilling scene is that the same abuser who has previously abducted Janu has also joined his school, he works there as nonteaching staff. It is shown that Janu when leaves his class and goes to have some water. The same child abuser abducts him at gunpoint, is he going to kidnap him again? It is so painful to see this continuous pain and traumatic experiences Janu goes through.  Will Aiza be able to figure out that Janu is getting abused and will she able to save him?

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