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Bikhray Moti Episode-10 Review: Aiza marries Zulfi to save Faiza’s children

Aiza's father orders her to marry Zulfi as her punishment.


Bikhray Moti the drama serial running at ARY Digital is raising voice for the children’s rights in a very artful manner. It is depicting how helpless are the motherless children and how brutally they are treated by their own relatives. It is so heart wrenching to see that in reality, too many children are facing a similar kind of treatment. Yasir Nawaz and Neelum Muneer’s performances are simply brilliant.

Aiza’s father orders her to marry Zulfi as her punishment. Aiza is shocked at how could her father be that cruel who is ready to ruin her daughter’s life. Aiza is not ready to marry Zulfi as she clearly knows that his ugly nature. The most heart-wrenching scene is when Shezaadi tells her khala that she does not have to ruin her life for her, she will marry where ever her Dadi is marrying her off. At that moment Aiza decides to marry Zulfi just for the sake of Faiza’s children.

Janu is alone at the shop at the mercy of the cruel and dirty world around, he is asked by the same man who has eyes on him to watch an inappropriate film with him in the cabin which Janu clearly refuses. It is shown that Faiza has very intelligently raised her son by fully making him aware of all the dangers of the world. He has given a proper lecture by her mother that he is not supposed to take anything from a stranger nor he can allow any stranger to touch him. Janu is recalling his mother’s words and he is desperately missing her mother. The situation is quite dangerous for Janu he is merely a child and he is alone at the shop, that pedophile nature man can abuse him easily, how can his uncle be so mean and cruel to leave his nephew like that at the mercy of this dirty world?

Ahad is desperately waiting for Aiza at the railway station but poor Aiza is stuck in that situation where she has no choice but to sacrifice herself for Faiza’s children. Ahad’s father Haji Sahab takes Ahad’s absence too much to his heart that he leaves the world calling his name. Ahad calls Aiza’s mother and there he comes to know that they cannot join him. When Ahad comes back he sees his father’s dead body.

Aiza’s mother’s sudden transformation and turning brave and strong is not making any sense had she been stronger before she would have able to save Aiza and even Faiza. Well, it seems that since she has almost lost both of her daughters she has also lost the fear of her marriage breaking. She becomes fearless and now she can tackle any hurdle that comes in the way. Zulfi is shown so creepy, the way he looks at Aiza having lust in his eyes and the way he sits on the bed, it all says volumes about his personality. Aiza clearly tells him that she has married him only for her sister’s children.

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