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Bikhray Moti Episode-11 Review: Aiza is bravely facing Zulfi and his mother

Bikhray Moti the drama serial airing at ARY Digital comes with another heartbreaking episode. The play is very effectively highlighting the issues of children’s right violation and child abuse. In this episode, Neelum Muneer and Yasir Nawaz’s performances are simply brilliant. Aiza is very bravely facing Zulfi and his mother.

Aiza has clearly told Zulfi that she has married him for his children not him and it seems that Aiza’s words have touched Zulfi because there were tears in his eyes but then we have seen him again in his old self telling his brother that he wants to beat the hell out of Aiza. Well, his evil brother suggests him to be more practical, he tells him that it is he who should decide that when to beat the wife and when to love her. Disgusting!

Aiza is being too brave she is like taking the bull with his horns. When Zulfi asks her about Ahad in a heated tone she replied bluntly in that similar tone that she wanted to marry him and then she warns him never to take his name again. Zulfi seems speechless in front of her. He cannot do anything. Zulfi seems to be in love with Aiza and she is going to be his biggest weakness.

Ahad is the most tragic person, he has lost everything, his father, his love of his life, his hopes, his trust in Aiza and most important his pride. All our sympathies are with Ahad who simply does not deserve this. Besides all these losses he is also carrying the burden of guilt on his shoulders that he could not save his father or at least he would have been with him at his last moments. He is now hating Aiza. Aiza on the other hand is protecting her niece Shehzadi she clearly tells Zulfi’s mother that she will not send Shehzadi again for work if she wants money she can herself do the work.

Janu escapes a trap that pedophile has set for him but Janu is a smart boy he very cleverly escapes from it. His Taya is such an evil person that he has left such a young boy alone at the mercy of such a dirty world. Well little does poor Janu knows that there is a danger for him at every step he has escaped an abuser but now he has been with a transgender who is suggesting him to live with him and join his community. Poor Janu is stuck in a bad situation, he does not want to live with him but he knows that his Chacha and father will beat the hell out of him if he goes back to Karachi. Will Aiza be able to save Janu?

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