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Bikhray Moti Ep-13 Review: In the way of saving Faiza’s children, Aiza herself becomes a victim

ARY Digital’s issue-based drama serial Bikhray Moti is touching numerous issues besides the main theme of children’s rights violations. The play is also raising the issue of child abuse, domestic violence and also touched a sensitive issue of marital rape. Neelum Muneer is very brilliantly carrying her role and Yasir Nawaz’s incredible performance is making us hate his character even more. Well, there are a bunch of hateable characters in this play brilliantly played by Samina Ahmed, Humayun Naz, Waseem Abbas, and others.

The play begins when Zulfi finally consummates his wedding and commits the marital rape of Aiza. Well for a brave and inspiring character like Aiza, it is so heartbreaking to see her becoming a victim herself. She cannot save herself how can she save others? she has sacrificed her soul, her body, and her everything to fulfill her promise of saving her sister’s children from their family’s brutalities. The play has very lightly touched this issue and it needs to show more of Aiza’s wounded soul and of her trauma.

It is so heartbreaking when Janu on his way of doing some household chores sees his cousin’s school and there he sees that admissions are open too. How nicely his cousin introduces him with his friend and when he offers him Kulfi he gets delighted. The poor kid who is working hard like any adult is deprived of this small happiness. Janu is broken when he hears his Tayee saying that they have no plans of admitting him to any school as no one is ready to bear his expenses. Janu is heartbroken to hear this. His dream of studying does not seem to come true.

Shezaadi is treated so badly by her Dadi (Samina Ahmed), Aiza is trying her best to secure their future, she is teaching her and she is planning to make her rejoin her school. Aiza’s mother tells her to leave this house and take divorce from Zulfi but Aiza says that she cannot leave Faiza’s children like that they need her support. She is applying for a job so that she can support the kids.

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Poor Janu seems to get badly trapped by that child abuser, that devilish man sees Janu crying outside the shop and there he comes to know that Janu wants to go back to his house in Karachi as he is not happy here, he offers him that he will take him to Karachi with him. Meanwhile, Aiza calls Janu’s Tayee and tells her to send back Janu. Janu has fully understood his hopeless condition and he agrees to go with that man to Karachi not realizing that he is getting himself into greater trouble.

Will Aiza ever be able to save Janu? and will she be able to save him from being a victim of child abuse when she could not save herself from becoming a victim of marital rape?

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