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Bikhray Moti Episode 15 Review: Janu becomes victim of child rape

ARY Digital’s drama serial Bikhray Moti is raising a very important issue in a very heart-wrenching manner. This episode is one bone-chilling, which requires a strong heart to watch the scenes where poor Janu eventually becomes a victim of child abuse and rape. Looking into the matter it is so heartbreaking to know that daily many children become the victim of child abuse because of lack of parental supervision or negligence. Anas Yasin the child star who is playing the role of Janu has done a remarkable job.

The person who kidnaps and rapes him is the one who sticks with Janu’s Taya (Humayyun Naz) and he is acting like he is extremely angry for the one who has done this barbaric act. He even gives him a handsome amount of money for hospital expenses.

Aiza’s (Neelum Muneer) world turns upside down when she hears about Janu’s accident. She rushes with Zulfi(Yasir Nawaz) to Hyderabad. It seems that this incident has shaken Zulfi too as he looks shocked and it seems like he is feeling guilty as well. When Aiza gets to know about what really happened with the poor boy she blames Janu’s Taya and Tayee for that and this time Zulfi is siding with her. He questions his brother and bhabi for not taking care of his child

The most heart-wrenching scene is when Aiza goes to the room to meet Janu and he opens his eyes and sees her but when he sees his father he gets scared and panicked and he starts trembling. The doctor tells Aiza that poor Janu is now wounded for his life, this incident is going to haunt him for his whole life.

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Shezaadi’s Dadi (Samina Ahmed) is such a vile woman that she literally least cares about her poor grandson. Greed has blinded her, all she wants is money and to marry off Shezaadi as soon as possible in the absence of Aiza so that she is not going to create any trouble for her. She brings back Shezaadi from her Nani’s house and she is all set to marry her off to that middle-aged man who is even older than her own father. Aiza’s mother is trying her best to convince her husband to take a vital step for Shehzaadi and save her from this forced marriage. Is Aiza’s father going to take any step for his granddaughter? Will Aiza be able to save Shehzaadi as has she failed to save Janu? Is Zulfi going to realize that it is actually his criminal negligence which becomes the reason of Janu’s rape?

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