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Bikhray Moti Episode-16 Review: Shezaadi becomes victim of child marriage

ARY Digital’s drama serial Bikhray Moti is raising the very important issue of child’s rights violation and under that umbrella, it is raising numerous other issues, for instance, child abuse and child rape. In the previous episode, we have seen that Janu was kidnapped and raped and in this episode, Shezaadi becomes a victim of child marriage. The child star Damisha Wali who is playing the role of Shezaadi has done an incredible job.

Bikhray Moti is not for a faint heart, this episode is equally heartbreaking. We have seen that Janu has recovered and he is being discharged. The scene where Zulfi is seeing Janu with tears in his eyes and the way Janu is happy is to see his father worrying for him is so heart wrenching. This incident has totally changed Zulfi’s heart and he has changed into a new leaf.

Zulfi apologizes for all his past conduct with Aiza but she tells him that the only way he can redeem himself is that he will have to save her daughter from marrying a middle-aged man who is even older than him. Shezadi is merely a child. Well, Shezaadi’s Dadi, on the other hand, is all set to marry off Shezadi as soon as possible, she wants all this to happen before Aiza’s arrival.

Shezaadi is being prepared as a bride, she is so innocent and childish that she does not even know how to do the makeup, she is thinking to run away from this situation but she is too scared to take any such bold step. I was expecting that Aiza and Zulfi will arrive at the spot and they will eventually going to save Shezaadi from marrying that middle-aged man but no! No one comes for the poor girl’s rescue she is married off with the man and she goes with him to his house.

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One of the most heartbreaking scenes is when that man’s daughter is Shezaadi’s friend and the way she hugs her and cries her heart out is makes our eyes teary. The man to whom Shezaadi is married already has a wife and it seems that that woman might harm Shehzaadi in jealousy.

How are  Aiza and Zulfi going to save Shehzaadi now when her nikkah and ruksaati both have taken place? Will that man let Shezaadi go when he has invested so much money on her?

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