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Bikhray Moti Episode-2 Review: Faiza dies leaving behind a promise for Aiza to take care of her kids

Faiza makes Aiza promise her that she like look after her kids as a mother

Bikhray Moti Episode-2 ReviewIn this episode Faiza dies leaving behind a promise for Aiza to take care of her kids - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Bikhray Moti the newly started drama serial on ARY Digital has aired its second episode. The play is raising many issues including domestic violence and children’s rights. Despite being an intense and depressing drama the great thing about the play is the inspiring character Aiza which Neelum Muneer is beautifully playing. Nousheen Shah, Yasir Nawaz, and Wahaaj’s performances were also very impressive in this episode.

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The episode begins when Neelum Muneer intervenes when Zulfi is raising his hand on his wife. She like a brave heart grabs his hand and snubs not only Zulfi but also his mother for always taking his son’s side and encouraging him to mistreat his wife. Zulfi being a true jerk is showing his ugly self here as he tells Aiza to stay away from his family matters.


Another disturbing character is Zulfi’s mother, the reason of Zulfi’s brutality and misogyny is mainly because her mother is always feeding his mind with that filth. Being a woman she shows zero sympathies to her pregnant daughter in law, whom she never spares from her venom and taunts. The height of her insensitivity is when Faiza tells her about no movement of the baby but she casually treats her and still insists on her making her a cup of tea.


Poor Faiza ends up admitting in the hospital with having Aiza on her side. She has lost her baby, her baby has expired in the womb and it must have created poison in her body. Aiza is blessed with a genuine lover Ahad who loves and helps her unconditionally. Aiza shares with him the critical condition about her sister and she asks Ahad immediately to come at the hospital. Well, the saddest part is that Faiza’s husband and father whose main responsibility is to take care of Faiza were not present at such a critical time. The negligence of responsibility is one of the main issues this play is raising.


Faiza having Aiza on her side of the death bed takes her last breath but before passing away she makes Aiza promises her that she will look after her children like a mother. Aiza makes the promise that she will take care of her kids as a mother. And Faiza dies leaving behind many questions like why she is being treated like that? Why others always make her feel so worthless? and also by taking a promise. Well for looking after Faiza’s kids as a mother will Aiza has to sacrifice her love and marry Zulfi? Well, this is certainly not what we all want.

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