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Bikhray Moti Episode 21 Review: Aiza is fulfilling the promise she made with Faiza

Bikhray Moti the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is based on the children’s rights violation issue. The play is very effectively highlighting numerous issues like child sexual abuse, child marriage which are prevailing in our society. The play is effectively playing its role in creating awareness for such issues. Neelum Muneer and Yasir Nawaz’s acting are superb in this episode.

The episode begins when Aiza is sensing that Janu is hiding something from her, she tries to ask him but she fails to get anything. We wish Aiza insist a little more. Then there is a creepy scene where both Shezaadi and Janu are seeing their culprits in Molvi Sahab. Janu sees in him his abuser while Shezaadi sees him as Malik Sahab and despite Aiza assuring them that he is a good person and that she will sit with them they are not ready to sit with him. This is what child abuse does to children’s psychology.

The irony of the situation is that Aiza asks that the same abuser of Janu to take care of him and poor Janu cannot utter any word in his defense. He is so scared of his threats that he cannot even tell his Khala out of fear. Aiza is bringing Shehzaadi and Janu back home when Malik Sahab literally tries to abduct Shehzaadi but Aiza manages to save her.

Ahad helps Aiza in getting her the divorce papers from the lawyer. Zulfi sees Aiza talking with Ahad on the street. He gets angry later he finds that the paper Ahad handed to Aiza is a divorce paper. He once again blames Aiza for meeting her lover but then Aiza clears him that she is not taking divorce from him. This divorce paper is for Shehzaadi and also she shares how in the morning Malik Ghulam tries to kidnap Shehzaadi.

Zulfi gets shocked on hearing that, he becomes furious. He goes with Aiza to Malik Sahab’s house and wants to talk with him and settle this matter peacefully but Malik Ghulam is in no mood to talk he simply says that he wants his wife back which makes Zulfi even more furious. He taunts Zulfi that he has sold his daughter for money on which he gets mad but Aiza controls him. Malik Ghulam’s wife assures Zulfi and Aiza that she is with them. The episode ends on the scene where Aiza and Zulfi are at the Police Station reporting something. Well marrying an underage girl is a crime and they have enough ground to get Malik arrested.

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