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Bikhray Moti Episode-22 Review: Janu’s abuser gets exposed!

ARY Digital’s Bikhray Moti is an issue-based drama serial which is very effectively raising some really important issues like child sexual abuse, child marriage, domestic violence. The play is creating awareness about these issues to the masses. This episode is satisfying from the point of view that Janu’s abuser eventually gets exposed! Performances are as usual brilliant.

Janu’s abuser starts blackmailing and harassing Janu again by threatening him not to utter anything against him to anybody. He asks him to stay silent otherwise he will shoot him. Moreover, his lust has not been satisfied yet he asks Janu to meet him at the football ground in the afternoon, poor Janu has no choice but to agree that he will come. It is so heartbreaking to see the poor boy silently suffering this torture.

Zulfi begs forgiveness from Aiza for his past behavior. Aiza tells him that she will not bear that he will insult her like that she is his wife therefore she deserves respect. Zulfi assures her that he will never repeat this mistake. Furthermore, Zulfi confesses in front of Aiza that he has done so much wrong in his life but he also admits that he wants to change himself and he promises that he will change himself. Aiza calls her mother, her mother tells her to visit her father. She visits her father and sees him in a terrible state living alone in his house. She helps him out in cleaning and cooking.

Janu silently sneaks out of the house and goes to the football ground where that monster is waiting for him but when that monster runs after him Janu sees Ahad there, he calls Ahad for help. Ahad is talking to Aiza on phone at that time, she hears too Janu’s screams. She takes Zulfi to that place. Ahad catches that abuser and he is now fully exposed. Ahad beats the hell out of him and tells Zulfi that he is the man who raped Zulfi in Hyderabad. Zulfi also beats him badly and that man gets arrested. This is one satisfying part of this episode.

However, the heartbreaking part is when Shehzaadi is home alone and Malik Ghulam arrives with some men to take Shehzaadi back. He breaks the door and gets into the house. Poor Shehzaadi is so terrified that she hides on the balcony but when she hears that Malik is calling her name and coming after her, she jumps off the balcony to escape Ghulam. We see that Shehzaadi is badly injured, she gets a head injury while jumping on the floor and she is unconscious. Will Aiza and Zuli be able to save her?

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