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Bikhray Moti Episode-6 Review: Aiza and Ahad’s union seems impossible

Ahad's father advises Aiza's father to marry her off to Zulfi


Bikhray Moti, a social issue-based drama serial running at ARY Digital is becoming more and more intense and depressing as well. The play is reflecting miseries of motherless children who are being forced into child labour by their own relatives. And how they are forced to work hard and sacrifice their dreams. Child stars have given their best performances in this play.

The episode begins when Aiza despite her father’s restrictions, has made her mind that she is not going to let anyone deprive her rights not even her father goes to college. Aiza’s mother seeks Haji Sahab’s help to convince Aiza’s father for letting her do the job but poor Aiza’s mother has no idea that she has knocked the wrong door. Apparently, Haji Sahab very nicely assures Aiza’s mother that he will help her out in this matter.

Ahad shares with Aiza that Haji Sahab is not ready to accept her. Aiza tells Ahad that she is with him no matter what happens and she so positively comforts him by saying that Haji Sahab’s opposition is timely and that she is sure that he will agree after some time. However when Aiza’s mother tells her that she has sought Haji Saab’s help to convince her father Aiza Knows that she has done a mistake. Haji Sahab advises Aiza’s father to marry her off to Zulfi and Ahad hears all this conversation between Haji Sahab and Aiza’s father.

Meanwhile, Janu is so much exploited by his uncle, he is made to work like an adult and he is deprived of his basic right of getting admission to a school. The way he is asking his uncle when he will go to school is so heartbreaking. It seems that his childhood and innocence will also get affected as Cyber Cafe’s environment is so bad not at all appropriate for a child to work, we are fearing that poor Janu may lose his innocence or might get into bad habits too.

Shehzaadi is finally taken for work as a maid to a house, it is the house of Aiza’s arrogant classmate. The character of Aiza’s classmate is a bit absurd. He seems to be a  kind of a hypocrite, on one hand, he tries to create lots of drama about child labor on his social media platforms but in reality, he is letting a minor girl work at his place, he has no issues with it. It is also depicting society’s double standards. The way Shezaadi enters the house and when she is introduced with him she calls her uncle is so heartbreaking and what is even more heartbreaking is when she corrected by the other maid that call him Sahab not uncle. Will Aiza be able to save these kids?


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