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Chauraha Episode-10 and 11 Review: Is Junaid redeemable?

Junaid is feeling guilty whenever he thinks about Zoya's Phupho.

Chauraha Episode-10 and 11 ReviewChauraha Episode-10 and 11 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

7th Sky Entertainment production’s Chauraha is one strong serial with a very solid story plus great messaging. Mikaal Zulfiqaar has given a phenomenal performance in this play. In the previous episode we were not being sure that whether Junaid is in remorse or in love? In this episode we get the clarity that Junaid is in extreme remorse. The question arises that is he redeemable?

Junaid’s change of heart has happened in the previous episodes but we were not sure that whether it is love or remorse because the background score is bit misleading. However in these episode we get a clarity that Junaid is feeling extreme remorse over his sins especially when he comes across one of his victim girl and he has realized that how his conduct has completely ruined the girl’s life.

Junaid is so ashamed of his sins and his earning that he brings his bag of money to the Mazaar and there he tries to give it to one of the Malang who refuses to take the money so he left his bag there. The saint tells Junaid that he is a very lucky person that he is feeling ashamed on his sins and this is the first step towards his redemption.

Junaid is feeling guilty whenever he thinks about Zoya’s Phupho. He feels that he is responsible for her death and he is not wrong. Junaid musters some courage and he goes straight at Zoya’s house again risking himself of getting caught. He knocks at her door and then he begs her forgiveness. However Zoya is not ready to forgive him and how can she? She asks a simple question from Junaid that can he bring back her dead Phuphpo? Junaid is speechless and thus he returns back home empty handed. Junaid’s accident scene seems to be quite additional.

Zoya and her mother’s struggles are very disturbing, it makes us wonder that how come a lone woman survive in a male centered society? Society is reminding such women that for their own survival in this society it is most important for them to marry someone and it is through a male companionship a woman become acceptable in this so called society. Zoya’s mother is not an exception she is being forced to marry Saleem Sahab although she is trying to resist. Well the question arises is Junaid redeemable? I think for redemption Junaid needs to pay penance for his sins, he has to face some sort of punishment.

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