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Chauraha Episode-16 & 17 Review: Junaid is shocked to learn about his father’s second marriage

Junaid accepts Shireen and is being nice with her

Chauraha Episode-16 & 17 ReviewChauraha Episode-16 & 17 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The 7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Chauraha is 17 episodes down. The play has unfortunately not as strong as it started. Performances are good but few characters in the play are simply too vile they are written that way. Arsal’s mother is such a horrible character. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Zoya and Shireen become homeless. In these latest sets of episodes, it is shown that Saleem Sahab marries Shireen to support her and Zoya.

It is shown that poor Shireen is left with no choice but to marry Saleem Sahab. Although Shireen has not verbally agreed to marry him, it is Zoya who interpreted her mother’s crying as her approval. Well, it sounds so strange. Saleem Sahab should have told his children, particularly his daughter about his desire to marry Shireen.

Naila’s reaction is justified and it is so well played by Arshiya Razi. How come Saleem Sahab expects her to accept Zoya and Shireen all of sudden. When he has discussed all this although vaguely with his son then why he has not discussed it with her daughter? It is a flaw on part of Saleem Sahab. Naila is being like a typical stepsister to Zoya and she is not ready to accept Shireen as well but she is so cunning that she behaves with them very nicely in front of her father.

Shireen starts her new life journey with Saleem Sahab who initially appears to be a nice guy. The irony is that he gifts Shireen gold bangles too. Shireen apparently seems very happy and satisfied in her new relationship. She feels protected. The scene when Junaid is knocking on the door and Zoya opens it gives us goosebumps too. Zoya is shocked and disgusted to know that Junaid is Saleem Sahab’s son, she wants to tell her mother about Junaid but she is not getting any chance.

Junaid is also shocked when he learns about his father’s second marriage. He is expecting that his father is talking about his proposal but no he was sharing his own desire to marry Shireen. Junaid accepts Shireen and finds a way to redeem himself. He talks very nicely with Shireen. Well, Saleem Sahab turns into a disappointment when he says a few quite insensitive things about Zoya and Shireen. He is blaming Zoya’s kidnapping on Shireen saying that she has given her daughter too much liberty and on these grounds, he is not allowing Zoya to work. Well, the question arises what will poor Zoya do now? Is she going to keep her silence over Junaid or he will reveal his reality to the world?

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