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Chauraha Episode-24 and 25 Review: Shireen says yes to Arsal’s parents for Zoya

Junaid is really upset on Zoya's engagement

Chauraha Episode-24 and 25 ReviewChauraha Episode-24 and 25 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Chauraha Episode-24 and 25 Review – 7th Sky Entertainment productions drama serial Chauraha is now 25 episodes down and to be honest the story is not going as strong as it started. Performances are good, particularly Madiha Imam and Mikaal Zulfiqaar’s. In the previous episode, we have seen that Junaid is following Zoya where ever she goes. In this set of episodes, it is shown that Shireen agrees with Arsal’s proposal for Zoya but Junaid is really upset about that.

Arsal’s father finally convinces his wife to take Arsal’s proposal for Zoya. Although being so vile she at the moment agrees in front of her husband but it seems she must be cooking something in her head. Naila is also cooking something in her head, she is posing to be the sweetest girl with Shireen and Zoya but all she wants is to find out what happened with Zoya.

Zoya’s life is not safe, she is once again at the risk of abduction as Junaid ex group members are closely following her. I don’t understand why Junaid has stopped following her as he wanted to protect her so why he has stopped that? Surprisingly Naila and her Khala behave so well in front of Arsal’s parents, they both want Zoya to marry off as soon as possible

Shireen is nervous before the arrival of the guests and when Saleem Sahab refuses that he could not come home she gets panicked when she discusses the arrival of the guests for Zoya with Junaid he gets disturbed. He goes to Mazaar and prays but have he prayed at home offering namaz it would have been better. Sikandar on the other hand is just after Zoya because Junaid is after Zoya and he is in some sort of competition with him. He lightens up when he knows that Zoya is not marrying Junaid, she is marrying somewhere else.

Shireen has finally agreed to Arsal’s proposal for Zoya as Arsal’s father has very kindly and nicely asked Zoya’s hand for his son. Well, that clip where Zoya is imagining that she is refusing to the proposal is quite a stretch. Zoya in reality says nothing and it seems that she is okay with her relationship with Arsal. The ending scene of this episode is quite surprising where Junaid in his madness holds Zoya’s hand and shakes her asking her how could she do this to him, and how could she leave him. Well,  does it mean that Junaid is madly in love with Zoya. Well, we are rooting for Zoya and Junaid although we like Arsal too but still we love to see Junaid with Zoya.

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