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Chauraha Episode 8 and 9 Review: Is Junaid in remorse or in love?

7th Sky Entertainment productions Chauraha is a good take on the perils of using social media carelessly. The story has taken a huge turn. Junaid the kidnapper is in remorse or in love we exactly cannot figure it out. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Zoya has safely reached home and Junaid also saves Zoya from getting sexually assaulted by his friends.

Zoya is back home but neighbors are gossiping about her. I don’t understand why people are shown in such bad light no one goes in a group to shame a house, come on it’s the 21st Century. Here neighbors are bad-mouthing Zoya and Phupho cannot stand all the accusations about her poor niece, she collapsed on the spot.

Phupho dies so soon leaving Zoya and Shireen but with a promise made with Saleem Sahab to marry Shireen. Saleem Sahab calls Junaid and asks him to come and help him out. Junaid knows that the location is the same, it is Zoya’s house then why he has taken such a huge risk of showing himself up he really does not care about his identity revelation at all. Zoya instantly recognizes him but at that moment she is so helpless that she cannot tell about him to anyone.

Junaid is shaken by the death of Phupho. Is he in great remorse or love we exactly cannot figure it out as the background score playing is quite a romantic one? Well, we all are becoming a victim of Stockholm Syndrome as we are now developing sympathies for Junaid but he is not innocent. His remorse cannot absolve the sins he has committed. He has literally ruined many girls’ lives. Now Zoya’s curses are echoing in Junaid’s head all the time. Junaid’s sister is certainly not following what he has said to her and that guy involved is certainly flirting with her.

It is so horrific to see that lecherous policeman raiding Zoya’s house and telling Shireen that he wants to talk with her in private. I wish that Shireen should have called Saleem Sahab or Zoya must have dialed Arsal’s number to save herself from such a situation. This scene is giving us goosebumps making us realize that our society is still not safe for lone women. Thank God that Policeman leaves the place and he has not done anything wrong to Zoya but he has called them to Police Station the next day. Will Saleem Sahab marry Shireen then Zoya is going to be Junaid’s step-sister?


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Rameeza Nasim

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