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Chauraha 2nd Last Episode Review: Junaid’s reality is revealed in front of the world!

Chauraha 2nd Last Episode Review – 7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Chauraha is moving towards its conclusion. With 33 episodes down, things seem to have finally gotten resolved. Performances are as usual on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Zoya gets abducted once again and Junaid saved her. In this episode, Junaid’s reality is revealed in front of the world and Zoya seems to be more forgiving towards him.

Zoya’s mother is really worried, she asks Zoya who is her culprit but she prefers to stay silent. Zoya ends her relationship with Arsal, telling him that he is being a coward and that he does not trust her the way he should have trusted her. So Arsal’s chapter is closed. Well wondering that is it really closed. Is Zoya going to end up with Junaid in the end?

Zoya’s mother is wondering how come Junaid knows the exact location where she was taken after being abducted. She starts thinking in those lines and she starts connecting the dots. She has realized that there is some sort of connection between Junaid and Zoya which Zoya is hiding from her. She wants to talk with Junaid but then the Police raid the house arresting Junaid and charging him to kidnap girls including Zoya. Junaid also confesses that he is Zoya’s culprit!

Shireen is extremely shocked and angry at Junaid. Moreover, she does not want to live in this house anymore but then surprisingly it is Zoya who is now convincing her mother to stay because she wants to save her mother’s marriage. Shireen blames Saleem Sahab for not bringing up his son well and for not teaching him how to respect girls furthermore, she demands him to divorce her. This is too much for Saleem Sahab he takes all that on his heart and he gets fainted while having a cardiac arrest.

The best thing is that Naila has turned into a new leaf, and her heart has melted for Zoya and Shireen after when she gets to know what her brother has done with Zoya. Well, Naila’s khala is such a vile character she is so irrelevant why makers of the play need to create such characters? Why? Zoya bears all the expenses and hospital bills of Saleem Sahab by taking a loan from her office. It is so heart-touching to see Naila and Zoya hugging each other. Saleem Sahab gets well and then he goes to meet Junaid along with Sikandar. Zoya is already being so forgiving towards Junaid will she forgive him in court as well? Wondering how is this play going to conclude?

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