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Cheekh 23 Episode Review: Mannat is paying a hefty price for the truth

Before the latest episode of Cheekh goes on air tonight, and perhaps lands up as another disappointment for the audience, lets recall what went on last week in the drama. In the last episode as the highlight, the court declared Mannat mentally unstable and Wajih innocent. Mannat was to be placed in a mental asylum.

This week’s episode begins with Mannat living  amidst mentally sick patients, a very hefty price indeed for speaking truth. She does not utter a single word and remains quite all the time. Wajih and Yawar on the other hand are celebrating their victory. However, the corrupt police officer shows up at the party and claims his share for arranging fake forensic reports and evidences.


Shayan is extremely broken. He visits Yawar and upon seeing how they’re busy preparing for a celebration claims that it was extremely low of him to have sided with a sinner. Shayan clearly tells his elder brother that these were not the values their parents  brought them up with.  Haya who is listening to everything begs Shayan to not abandon her and begs him to take her along with him.


Shayan visits Mannat but Mannat does not utter a single word to him. Although Shayan tells her that he is trying his best to get her out, she walks out on him leaving him standing there all alone.


Haya is too heartbroken over her brothers’ insensitive behavior, they are so cruel and it is too hard for her to digest this. Ramazan Chacha visits Haya at her place so that they will talk with Yawar about Mannat. Ramzan Chahca literally begs Yawar to take Mannat out of that hell but the arrogant Yawar is not ready to listen anyone. Haya start cursing herself to make her brother feel about the sensitivity of the matter but Yawar walks out of the place.

This was another episode without any significant development. What we don’t understand is why the plot has been going around in circles without any proper buildup. Its the 23rd episode now, the drama should be close to winding up now but here, there is no sign of the truth unwinding or anything at all coming in front of the public.

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