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Cheekh Episode 1 Review: Beginning of an intense and dark tale

Cheekh the new drama serial on aired its very first episode on Saturday and it seems like a start of an intense and very dark story. The play is penned down by Balaa famed writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah and it is directed by Badar Mehmood. Saba Qamar makes a comeback to television after Baaghi in the play where as Ushna Shah makes an appearance and Bilal Abbas dominates as Wajih.

Well the first half of this episode seems like a happy go lucky story of three friends, played by Haya (Aleyzah), Nayab (Ushna) and Mannat (Saba Qamar). Nayab lives with her father and step mother, an extremely greedy woman who is desperate to marry off Nayab to some aged widower  just because he is rich and offering them money.


Mannat is a happy go lucky nature girl who is always very lively and fun loving. She knows very well how to deal with Nayab’s step mother so she always comes up with expensive gifts for her as well along with Nayab so that she becomes happy and let her meet Nayab. On the other hand Nayab’s step mother is against Nayab’s friendship with Haya and Mannat but she enjoys all her gifts and perks of their friendship.


Mannat is Haya’s Bhabi, married to Shayan (Emad Irfani). Haya has another two more brothers Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) the eldest married to Shehwar (Maira Khan) and  Wajih (Bilal Abba) who is handsome and  shows keen interest in Nayab and Nayab too likes him. Haya has sensed that and she is super happy about this as she wants to bring her best friend home. It seems like Mannat is more empathetic towards Nayab and she really cares for her friend’s happiness. But adversary hits poor Nayab’s house hard as her father gets jobless and he, in that miserable state shares the pic of that aged man with Nayab as a prospect for her marriage.


Nayab shares that proposal picture with her friends who are shocked on the fact that she is being forced to marry a person who is 15 years older than her. Wajih on the other hand seems a carefree guy who also keeps a bad company. His friends are compulsive drunkards.

It is shown that Nayab is bothered about her proposal and goes inside a deserted house, wanting to distance herself from the crowd on Haya’s engagement. Yawar is shown going inside as well and so is Wajih’s friend. Nayab then falls in the middle of the lawn but how does this happen? Did someone push her? Did Wajih’s friend try to assault her or does Yawar has something to do with it?

What happens next and how will this lead to other developments waits to be seen. For now, Cheekh is a fast paced production laced with some fine performances that are evident right from the first episode.

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