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Cheekh Episode 10 Review: Mannat begins retaliating!

So finally, after weeks of going on a steady pace showing Mannat’s inner war and Wajih’s pathetic antics, the drama has finally come out of its drag mode and taken a new turn. Mannat has finally broken out of her shell and is now retaliating.

The episode begins when Mannat is leaving for America but Wajih still hasn’t stopped being mean. He taunts Mannat once again and mentions Ramzan chacha which triggers Mannat. Coincidentally she goes to meet him before she flies off to America and there Nayab’s step mother tells him that he has been forcefully arrested by the police. This is exactly where Mannat decides she’s had enough of everything now.


Mannat breaks that web of fear around her and resolute, she deliberately misses her flight to America and goes to the Police Station where luckily there is an honest SHO who listens to her complaint. We now have Ramzan released and an FIR against Wajih for attempting to rape and murdering Nayab.

Well it would not be wrong to say that Waji is the one who evoked Mannat’s wrath and she is now ready to fight for justice. If Wajih hadn’t harassed her over and over and not pressurized Ramzan, Mannat  would have been quite on this issue. But now it seems  her level of patience has reached its boiling point. The girl has become fearless. Mannat does not care about losing her family, husband or even her home in her fight for justice.


The high point is the police’s entry right in front of Haya’s in laws. Wajih is to be arrested and Mannat has justice for Nayab on her mind. Will she struggle alone or will anybody join her in her fight? We wait to see what will happen next in Cheekh.

This week’s episode was amazing in terms of suspense and performances. We have to say Saba Qamar needs to praise but the way Bilal Abbas matches her step for step is brilliant. Amazing execution on screen of a gripping script. We’re eager to see how will Mannat’s fight pan out in the future.

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