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Cheekh Episode 12 Review: Shayan does not believe his family!

Despite of the family assassinating Mannat's character, Shayan is not ready to divorce her


Another episode of the psychological thriller Cheekh went on air and the story has intensified all the more with the entry of Shayan into the scene. This incredible thriller has been penned down by Balaa famed writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah and brilliantly directed by Badar Mehmood. We were continuously impressed by Saba Qamar’s and Bilal Abbas’s brilliant portrayal of their characters earlier but now Aijaz Aslam and Emad Irfani are not only notable but also praise worthy in their respective characters.

Shayan’s (Emad Irfani’s) entry has changed the scene. Despite Shayan’s family assassinating Mannat’s character, he is not ready to divorce her. It seems like he is the only good and sane headed person in the family. However, he is extremely tensed and pressurized by his family to divorce Mannat particularly by Haya and his elder brother. But then again, when Mannat openly confronts him and tells him he can leave her without any regrets, he is forced to think of her as right. Yet Shayan is perplexed about what to do about the situation.


Wajih’s ugly character assassination has brainwashed Haya. Not for a single moment Haya has realized that her friend is not that kind of girl nor her fiance, but it seems like she has never been a sensible person. She believes the rubbish Wajih is uttering completely. Comparatively, Haya’s elder sister in law is much more sensible and she reacts very positively when her husband vilifies Mannat’s character, clearly stating that Mannat is not that kind of girl! Although she has to side with her husband but she does not openly oppose Mannat as all others.


It seems like Shayan truly loves his wife and does not believe the trash his family is trying to put in his mind. He tries to calm his family down and tries to bring them on talking terms but his eldest brother clearly tells him that he has to choose,  either his family or Mannat. He has to divorce her or make her withdraw that case but he adds that Mannat is not that kind of person who is going to back off from this case.


Wajih is not yet sparing Mannat, he still taunts and threatens her whenever he gets any chance. He threatens her that he will wound her with her slanderous words. She will not able to defend herself from the slander. While he is doing so, the eldest sister in law hears Wajih’s confessions. She is utterly shocked.

What will happen now? Will Wajih silence her as well or will she raise her voice alongside Mannat. The suspense is building with each passing episode and we’re clearly looking forward to finding out what happens next in Cheekh.

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