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Cheekh Episode 13 Review: What is going on in Shayan’s mind?

Wajih has a knack for manipulating situations in his favor


What we really like about Cheekh is Mannat’s struggle to stand up against all odds and bring her friend some justice. However, we want the story moving forward at some pace now. We know Wajih is evil and Mannat will fight him, but can we get to the point where the actual fight for justice begin. We’ve been stalling long enough.

Wajih’s elder sister in law heard his confession but then again she doesn’t have the spine to take a stand like Mannat. She tries talking to her Yawar but in vain because Yawar will never support anyone but Wajih.


Shayan is appalled to see his family’s attitude towards Mannat, although he is confused but he is supporting his wife and is still at her side despite of his family’s strong opposition. Wajih is such a detestable character that he is using house servants for Mannat’s character assassination but all his attempts are failing as Shayan is not ready to accept that Mannat is having any affair with Asad. He makes Mannat swear upon him about Wajih’s crime and when she does, she states that he even confessed it in front of her.


Wajih is such manipulative person that he turns all situation to his benefit, Shakir beats him at club but he pretends in front of Shayan that Asad has beaten him. Wajih is such a mean person that he does not realize for a second that he has ruined her sister’s relationship and now for his advantage he is continuing to scandalize Mannat with Asad without realizing that how much it will hurt his own sister.

On the other hand, Haya, is entirely insensitive in this regard. She calls Asad to insult him, who is himself surprised and talks to Mannat on the entire issue.


Well for the first time Shayan doubts Mannat when he sees Asad’s call but we really don’t know what cooks between Shayan and Asad when the two meet. Although it seems Shayan is convinced about what Asad told him, we see him asking Mannat to pack her bags and leave the house.

What will happen next is rather exciting. Will Mannat leave her house and lose all support, even Shayan or will Shayan join her in her struggle. Emad Irfani is impressive as Shayan while Bilal Abbas as Wajih steals the show. Saba Qamar as Mannat is fierce but we won’t more from her now.

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